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  1. OnlyMe_

    RMMV Ryouji - Heaven's Coup d'etat

    Ryouji - Heaven's Coup d'etat I made this game as a media for me to push myself to the limit with RMMV's event system. That is why I decided to not use plugins while making this game. The only plugin I used is the OrangeCircularJSON Bug Fix by Hudell. EpicFILE for your amazing...
  2. OnlyMe_

    "Heaven"-Themed Title Screen Background

    Resource Type: Title Screen Background Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: Artist's Original (Surprise Me ;) ) Description: (Follow the Underline-Formatted Letters to go straight to the point) I am making a game (heaven-themed) using what I could from the RMMV pre-made assets. Sadly, this is the...
  3. OnlyMe_

    Reference Maps for Shops!

    I am not sure if this is the right topic to post this thread (Sorry, if I am posting at a wrong topic) but yeah, as the title said, I need reference maps for an Item Shop, Weapon/Armor Shop (Mixed), and finally an INN I am currently making. I tried making these several times and it somehow feels...
  4. OnlyMe_

    An Introduction from an inartistic Designer.

    Hello! I actually have used RMMV for a while now, but I just found out that this game engine has a wonderful community here in this forum. That is why I immediately jumped in and join in the fun. Since this is an introduction, I just wanted to say my first hello to this forum and straight away...

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