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  1. Former_Sky

    How to avoid getting distracted?

    Putting up some music. If you make a habit of listening to a particular genre while you work, it'll help more.
  2. Former_Sky

    Things in RPGs that annoy you.

    Amnesia openings. The minute an RPG Maker project mentions the fact that the main character can't remember their past, I click the back button right away. It rarely adds anything to the game and is pretty lazy storytelling.
  3. Former_Sky

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    Edited the top post with a short bio and some questions, like how does the game look, are you interested in playing this or not? What kind of combat do you like from other games? Are there any other fishing games that you enjoy? Let me know!
  4. Former_Sky

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    A fair bit of new content has been made for the game over the last couple of weeks. First, I'm used Khas Lighting Script to add some lights and shadows to certain areas in the game. For the haunted mansion it is especially awesome. I've also finished a new sidequest. Once you head into the...
  5. Former_Sky

    Stories from the 70s-90s?

    -I almost forgot how we had to blow in cartridges to get some NES games working. -Trying to mess with the rabbit ear antenna to get the best signal. -Be kind, rewind. Likewise, heading to the rental store to grab a movie or a game to rent. -I remember back in the 90s how you could rent entire...
  6. Former_Sky

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    Hello all! I added some more paragraphs of information to the game in the synopsis, to give a better idea of how the game plays. Also, to add a few things I forgot to mention in my initial post; I'd like to complete the game this year, and upon release the game will be free.
  7. Former_Sky

    RMMV Mana Star

    Anything that is influenced by Golden Sun is interesting in my book.
  8. Former_Sky

    Video games that have inspired you in your own RPG Maker projects

    It always changes per game. Currently it's Legend of the River King, a fascinating game that is a little too rage inducing for it's own good. I believe there's some good ideas to be mined there, such as the idea of a hybrid rpg/fishing game.
  9. Former_Sky

    RPG Maker online course?

    Why would I pay for a course when there's so many free resources out there? Google searching has helped me with so many problems I've run into along my rpg making journey. Although...if there was something like a pdf document that helped with everything, I could see that as useful. But I'm not...
  10. Former_Sky

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    Hi I'm Former_Sky, I've been making games on RPG Maker 1 for about 13 years now. Friends and other colleagues have been pushing me to put my ideas on a more visible platform for a while now, so here is my newest idea. This is my first project on a PC maker. My idea and motivation was to make a...
  11. Former_Sky

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Here are some screenshots of my soon-to-be announced game. It's a fishing game with some rpg elements.
  12. Former_Sky

    If no one cares about your game does it make sense to keep making it?

    You gotta love the game you're making first.
  13. Former_Sky

    Favorite Monster Collectors?

    Nothing better than some Pokemon Gold/Silver, playing on a Gameboy Color with the worm light attachment playing in the night trying not to get caught.
  14. Former_Sky

    Chrono trigger SNES style composition

    If you told me it was a missing track from the original, I would believe you.
  15. Former_Sky

    Stars & Oceans Thereof

    I actually played this last year and enjoyed it. If it's doing nothing for you now, best to play something else. The remaster only adds things like portraits and new voicework.
  16. Former_Sky

    Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot

    There are some things in life that should just not exist.
  17. Former_Sky

    What game are you currently Playing?

    Azure Dreams. It's a fun loop of going to a tower to fight enemies and go as far as you can, then coming back to help the town prosper with the money you earned from fighting.
  18. Former_Sky

    Starting a Youtube channel. Some questions.

    The idea of playing several obscure japanese games sounds like a neat concept, an original one, and a niche you could carve into and grow from there. One thing that I keep seeing is this insistence on 4k, when you don't really need it. As long as the video is clear, it's good. So don't worry...
  19. Former_Sky

    Been feeling a bit down for various reasons

    To add my two cents, make a project that sticks to your strengths. Try to make a visual novel style game with your character and writing skills. Just because its RPG Maker doesn't mean it has to be an rpg.
  20. Former_Sky

    RPG Maker Time 1001

    Never finished a project, but I feel the game was worth the money.

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