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  1. Wazzzyki

    How to efficiently organize generator parts?

    Good day! This thing bothers me right now... I am planning to finally start making a game and was thinking of using some resources from here. Now when I was adding and renaming the files/parts and tried using the generator, the parts are not usable. It seems that you cannot have extra details...
  2. Wazzzyki

    What is the difference of stand-alone MV versus steam MV

    Hello! What are, if there are, the difference of the stand-alone vs. the steam version of MV? I'll be honest... I currently just have a cracked 1.5.1 stand-alone version... since I just wanted to try when I got to knew this program and has not made a proper game ever since... Basically, I...
  3. Wazzzyki

    Timed attack similar to Adventure Time Card Wars

    Good day!~ Is there any plugin that allows a similar feature that Card Wars have? here is a sample of it It is basically a clock-like timed attack feature. A hand/sword spins like a clock's and you(the player) will aim to stop the hand in an area that allows your character to attack. In the...
  4. Wazzzyki


    Good day!~ I have two points here that I'd like to hear about :) *Is it "good?" to not show stats ingame? - I'm thinking about removing or hiding the status "numbers" in game. So it will be like you do not have a direct idea as to how strong a character is in comparison to another...
  5. Wazzzyki

    Removing hud/interface during a SV-battle cutscene

    Good day! I am trying to make a cutscene within a Sideview battle. Problem is, I can't seem to remove the hud/UI to have it look like a real cutscene where you just watch. Please help? Thanks in advance! :D
  6. Wazzzyki


    Hi all, As you can see that big error is what I'm trying to fix right now. Help? Thanks in advance! :)
  7. Wazzzyki

    [MV] sideview battle cutscene

    Good day! I am trying to make a cutscene within a Sideview battle. Here are the things I currently have problems with; *I can't seem to do is to remove the hud/UI to have it look like a cutscene.
  8. Wazzzyki

    [mv] "Cape" request

    Good day, I am looking for a Cape similar to Shanks from Onepiece. Here's the formal request. Resource Type: Generator part Maker Format: MV Art Style: Same as common generator parts Description: What I particularly want from the cape is its Collar design, and it somewhat covering the...
  9. Wazzzyki

    Need help in a battle cutscene

    Well... I just learned that it's possbile to make an in-battle cutscene, like an auto battle. My problem now is... how do I make them use a skill. To elaborate, what I wanted to do is: 1. have a conversation at the start, before fighting. 2. on their 1st turns, i just want them to trade...
  10. Wazzzyki

    In-battle cutscene.

    Okay so I would like to ask if my idea can be done... From what I can understand from the rmmv event commands- specifically the battle commands, you can only control the enemy battler's stats and show animations... So I already did make an in-battle cutscene using the commands, where when the...
  11. Wazzzyki

    MV - Hair Generator part

    Resource Type: Hair generator part Maker Format: MV Art Style: same as those in the generator (RTP?) Description: similar hairstyle to Tsukasa Eishi or Takumi Aldini of Shokugeki no Soma.  Note: The walking sprite and battler part would be primarily important for me. doesnt really...
  12. Wazzzyki

    rpgmaker mv cover art characters and battler?

    Umm hi, I think this is more of a question than a request   (^w^)  I just want to ask if the mv cover art characters and battlers are available to download for free? My little bro gave me the idea of trying to look for them. taht's all thankies
  13. Wazzzyki

    Tried opening my project the next day, it doesnt work anymore...

    Help??              I've been having this kind of problem for two straight days now. Whenever I open my projects, it will say that actor.json is not recognized or doesnt work. Now I cant seem to replicate what i did yesterday to make it work again...   What i tried doing this time was...
  14. Wazzzyki

    where to look for help?

    i have been getting "type error undefined is not a function" message and i dont know where to exactly look for the mistake.

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