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  1. Floria

    different battle system

    Anyone have any ideeto resolve this problem? Thanks for your answerd
  2. Floria

    Szyu's Crafting System

    I've find my problem ! The 1 must be the number id of the object book created.
  3. Floria

    Szyu's Crafting System

    Thank's for this amazing plugin. But I don't understad how add new recipe. I try this on an event : CraftingSystem add_recipe 0: w3 it's for add recipe of weapon 3 to the book1 for blacksmithing. But the game crash
  4. Floria

    different battle system

    Yes this is a good Idea! Thank's you very much for this fast response :) It's work but only for the special skills but not for attack (attaco). I cannot find this skill on the Class for change with the fake.
  5. Floria

    different battle system

    Hi! I don't know if it's the right place for this topic, i'm new on this forum. More I'm french and apologize for my poor english ! I've try to make a different way to win combat. But i don't know how do that. For a little kid i want to change de system, and make that for an attack the...

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