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  1. Wazzzyki

    Oh that's nice then, I assume this is with the minimum amount paid? Thanks!

    Oh that's nice then, I assume this is with the minimum amount paid? Thanks!
  2. Wazzzyki

    Noob question here. When purchasing the bundle, do you get all the resources or? I have never...

    Noob question here. When purchasing the bundle, do you get all the resources or? I have never tried purchasing anything through humble bundle... Now that I have the means, I am somewhat interested.
  3. Wazzzyki

    @Windows i7 You still finished it right? Cause that's what op was pointing out. I'd say it...

    @Windows i7 You still finished it right? Cause that's what op was pointing out. I'd say it really is a good feeling of acknowledgement when you know people managed to finish your game despite their rants/comments afterwards.
  4. Wazzzyki

    RMMV Guilty (No Travel Jam Submission)

    Hi there! Glad to have gotten to play your game as it was seemed to have a different style. Here are my thoughts: * No music on the intro was somewhat new- made me double check if my headset was properly on lols. I think it would really be appreciated if you could add some music to suit the...
  5. Wazzzyki

    RMMV The Corruption (No Travel Jam Submission)

    @SparKt Oh I see that gold is what will be used to bribe the secretary, then maybe you can have it that the player earns money through the mobs or be able to get more by interacting through other objects just like how you can get the NEWS pieces, or you can also increase the starting gold the...
  6. Wazzzyki

    RMMV The Corruption (No Travel Jam Submission)

    @hiddenone hmm I don't recall being frozen on that scene, guess that's another bug too?
  7. Wazzzyki

    RMMV The Corruption (No Travel Jam Submission)

    Good day! Played your game and sadly I did not get to finish it. I'll get straight to the point that the game seems to be needing a rework as I don't think there is a way to properly finish it for now. I will be sequencing out how the story seems to play through and state my points so you can...
  8. Wazzzyki

    RMMV Till Death Do Us... (No Travel Jam Submission)

    Daaaaamn~ Dem feels~ Finally got to play the game and it hooked me in! Here are my thoughts: * Nice intro where the demon prince changed form * Appreciate making it clear that you should always be aware of your health gauge * Points for inserting tips in a way that the player can understand...
  9. Wazzzyki

    RMMV The Chevalier's Course (No Travel Game Jam Entry)

    Whooo!~ What a ride! The game really made me go serious towards the end game. Things I liked: * Very nice intro, appreciated having to choose whether to know a bit of backstory. * The music really fits the game. * The mechanics of being healed after leveling up is a nice way of making players...
  10. Wazzzyki

    RMMV The Plague (No Travel Jam Entry)

    Hi there! Played your game and here are my thoughts. First off, my review will be kinda different since there will be plenty stuff to say hehe :D Let's go with mapping first. -There are inconsistencies on the mapping, there are tiles that I think should not be passable but they are. -From...
  11. Wazzzyki

    Interviewing influential people to help new devs.

    Nice idea you got here! Just finished reading the blog, was really good to know their perspectives on the engine and game-making in general. Keep this is up, I'm interested to know more peoples thoughts. Maybe try the resource makers next? or the moderators here? hehe :D
  12. Wazzzyki

    How to efficiently organize generator parts?

    Ohhh nicee I managed to make it usable again! Editing before the "_c" really makes it usable again I guess it's better to just edit the file without the _c if you want to work faster... Editing in the names would be more efficient too, though it seems it will be extra work for those who're not...
  13. Wazzzyki

    How to efficiently organize generator parts?

    Good day! This thing bothers me right now... I am planning to finally start making a game and was thinking of using some resources from here. Now when I was adding and renaming the files/parts and tried using the generator, the parts are not usable. It seems that you cannot have extra details...
  14. Wazzzyki

    RMMV Till Death Do Us... (No Travel Jam Submission)

    Hi there! Was planning on playing your game and giving a review on it. Sadly, seems like I keep getting errors during the download. It keeps on having error 403, seems the download is forbidden even when I try downloading directly... edit: The download starts, but when it reaches a certain...
  15. Wazzzyki

    No Travel Play Jam: Review Submissions!

    Good day! My reviews: Small Town Shutdown - by @webgamesetc The Plauge - by @PhoenixReD The Chevalier's Course - by @Joker101 Till Death Do Us - by @Conflictx3 The Corruption - by @SparKt Guilty - by @Novacalico Also to help, below are some of the listed games that still have no reviews...
  16. Wazzzyki

    RMMV Small Town Shutdown (No Travel Jam Submission)

    Hi there! I played your game and here is my review: What I liked; - The "option" of having that feature in to making fights easy was really convenient to have the player get that short game feeling. - The town itself being that small, really made me thought of what would an actual town like...
  17. Wazzzyki

    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Hi, I'd like my username to be changed to Wazzzyki Thanks in advance!
  18. Wazzzyki

    What is the difference of stand-alone MV versus steam MV

    oof do I get a ban of some sort? hope not... For reprimands/warnings I am aware of the possibility of that happening after posting this though, since I am being honest in my intentions that I just wanted to try the program out cause I am very interested in making my own game which I still have...
  19. Wazzzyki

    RMMV [IGMC 2018]Judged for Crime

    Hello there! The screenshots seems not to load for me? Also the trailer was very creepy xD May i know the genres/tags of the game :D
  20. Wazzzyki

    RMMV HERO FALL (My IGMC 2018 entry)

    Hey this looks nice! Is there a stop-watch timer implemented? Cause games like these are what speedrunners play and it would be nice to see how fast you've accomplished :D

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