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  1. ShadowReaper2567

    Skills not showing up in-battle/in-game

    i made it so my characters can use both special and magic
  2. ShadowReaper2567

    Skills not showing up in-battle/in-game

    Again, title says it all. i have made the skills to be given at lvl one, and my characters are both lvl 5, but the skills refuse to show up in battle, don't know how to fix it and need some help.
  3. ShadowReaper2567

    my event won't trigger and acts as some kind of solid object!

    well thankyou everyone for the help, i have managed to fix it, but at the same time, gotten stuck onto another puzzle, hopefully i can find help for this problem too!
  4. ShadowReaper2567

    my event won't trigger and acts as some kind of solid object!

    titles says it all, the event is set to autorun and would normally work as intended, today not as much, when my character is moved to the new map, the event is supposed to start, i've looked everywhere for an event with autorun that shouldn't, and i've checked through my faulty event and found...
  5. ShadowReaper2567

    Character generator parts

    did you ever find out how to install it? also heh, kind of a long reply, 2018-2020, 2 yrs, im kinda late i guess
  6. ShadowReaper2567

    So i'm new and need help! character generator addons

    i've looked all over online but the addons i find that add more character content to the character generator look vastly different from the original! it can really break immersion when two different characters have two different art styles, so i wanted to ask this, does anyone have addons for...

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