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  1. Dcraft

    RMMV Yanfly item upgrade slots, item amount

    Hi everyone, Im trying to make the item needed for upgrade increase its amount every time its used, for example fist upgrade you use 1 item, second upgrade you use x2 item, third upgrade x3 and so on. If this is possible please let me now, thanks for reading.
  2. Dcraft

    Yanfly passive state + base parameter control

    The problem is the following. With both YEP_BaseParamControl and YEP_AutoPassiveStates active, if there is a state with <Passive Condition: HP Below x%> (any value) it will cancel other passive states that increase HP, this also happens with MP. Now if YEP_BaseParamControl is off, the state that...
  3. Dcraft

    Chance to inflict state on crit

    Hi there, I have made an state with yanfly buff that makes the hero inflict an state when it deals a critical hit, this is the code: <Custom Establish Effect> if (target.result().critical) { target.addState(x); } </Custom Establish Effect> It works fine but now I want to give it a chance of...
  4. Dcraft

    Passive checks enemy state

    I know you can make an skill that increases its damage if the enemy target has certain state, poison for example. I need to use this on a passive state (yanfly), for example "Increase damage against poisoned enemies", when you hit a poisoned monster you will deal extra damage either normal...
  5. Dcraft

    Yanfly Auto Passive States

    I am trying to make a state which increases the attack, but the state only triggers when the hero is affected by another specific state like poison, there is a skill in pokemon called guts which works exactly like this. Guts raises the ability-bearer's Attack by 50% when inflicted by a major...
  6. Dcraft

    Boost user when affected by state

    What I am trying to do is a passive skill which when the user is affected by x state increases one of its parameters. I'm pretty sure it can be done with some yanfly engines but I do not know how to put them all together and make it work, in any case I hope to read any kind of help. *Edit: To...
  7. Dcraft

    Event Change Equip

    Im making an event that changes the actor equipment. Using yanfly equip core I make two "ring" slots, the problem is that I want to give the actor 2 rings, one for rach slot, but the event "change equipment" only works with one slot, so if I put "give ring x" and then "give ring y", the "ring x"...
  8. Dcraft

    modify variable for x turns for each actor

    Let me put you in context: Im using variables specific for each actor like variable 1 = actor 1, variable 2 = actor 2, and so. Now I want to make an item/skill that modify this variables in depenment of each actor, so for example if actor one use "increase variable potion +5" then the variable...
  9. Dcraft

    Weapon attack in formula

    Well I want to use the attack from a weapon in a formula and not the entire attack parameter, please notice that I'm using Yanfly Equip Core and Ramza Dual Wield and Im suposing that this two change how it works
  10. Dcraft

    Yanfly item core - item status

    This plugin displays the base parammeters the armor/weapon gives, what Im looking for is a way to show more than just that, for example critical hit rate or evasion rate an item can give,and also the element modifier it has for example fire resistance in an armor. I have been searching for this...
  11. Dcraft

    Yanfly Extra Param Formulas

    Im using this scrip and i need a formula to make every 100 LUCK 1% critical hit. So when you have 10000 LUCK (max with yanfly adjust limits) you have 100% critic. Need help whit the formula plz
  12. Dcraft

    Skills icons

    Guys i want to change the default 24x24 icons for 64x64. Look this is the original  And I want something like this Doesn't have to be exactly like that but i want 64x64 icons and no overlapping with other icons and words. I can put the 64x64 icon but it overlaps with words    I hope...

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