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  1. SkyMajesty

    Rexals Visual Equipment + Yanfly Bug

    Hi java supporters, Got a problem with the rexals visual equipment + the yanfly party system plugin. If one clicks between the actors, the facial graphics overlap. They are not "updated" or the previous ones do not go away. Also, the names and the charset are not displayed properly. I...
  2. SkyMajesty

    Early Project Artstyle critics

    Here are a few charset without the filter: the left shift is so because the city is located on a hill ;)
  3. SkyMajesty

    Early Project Artstyle critics

    Due to the larger graphic the players has a low overall visibility, perhaps an outline of the map would help where you can see your position on the map. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. SkyMajesty

    Early Project Artstyle critics

    Hey dev community, i am in the planning phase of my project and i've first looked after the graphical aspects of my game. You can see the result in the attachment. I now need your reviews, what is your opinion? Background: It will be a "Monstertaming" game, the battle system will be a...

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Work on the Decepticon Seeker sprites is taking longer than I anticipated. I have five down: Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Acid Storm and Nova Storm. Three left to go: Ion Storm, Sunstorm (needs rework), and Slipstream. After completing their walking sprites, should I wait to post them after I've done a transformation sequence?

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