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  1. snow91

    Map dissapears after pressing windows or opening the menu

    Hey Guys! I am having some issues. Everything works fine with the parallax map until i open up the ingame menu, or i minimize the game window. It starts only showing the above_characters on the right place. The below_characters are weirdly on the screen. I am using: - Bind Picture to Map ...
  2. snow91

    Yanfly Skill Learning System [Item Requirement)

    Hello :) I am having some issues with setting up the skills to only apear if the party has a certain item in the inventory. I guess it has something to do with the custom code: But just cannot figure it out how it works. Anyone some ideas? :D
  3. snow91

    Character Animation Sheet

    Hey Guys, I am having some troubles getting the animations correct with my character using the Galv's Plugins. It somehow isn't the right proportion. I dont ne ed the "jump" animation, so i left it blanc....any solution? The Frames each are 64x64 , 8 Idle Position, 8 Walking Positions, 8...
  4. snow91

    Deleted Switch Names

    On my current Project it keeps deleting the names of my Switches. Its very strange because Variables are doing fine. Has anyone else expirienced something like this and has a solution? Its very frustrating...^^
  5. snow91

    Hey there!

    Let´s introduce myself. My real name is Pascal. I am a 26 years old Swiss guy. I am in love and obsessed with the Rpg Maker bc i am finally able to express my huge fantasy. Currently i am woking on a bigger project to make one of my stories into a rpg maker game. Always also enjoying trying...

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