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  1. Stilts

    Random Art Thread

    Finally got my computer fixed! Woot! Here's a quick sketch I did to get back into things:
  2. Stilts

    Random Art Thread

    And then she'd be all like "I thought this quest for you! Go satisfy my weird fetish!" (I always pictured the Guildmarm as a closet furry).
  3. Stilts

    Random Art Thread

    I've been playing way too much Monster Hunter lately so I decided to do some fan art of it. I need to work on my clothes.  On an unrelated note my graphics card is borked so I haven't been able to draw lately. Feeling so backed up :(
  4. Stilts

    Random Art Thread

    Thanks! I'm glad you like them (To be honest I didn't put a lot of thought into them :/) Oh, and I'll probably add color when I want to practice a new technique or something since I have a preeetty wide range styles.  Also what exactly do you mean by facial features? XD
  5. Stilts

    Random Art Thread

    Hey guys, new user here. Haven't really known what to draw lately so I've just been doing random character designs in between playing Monster Hunter.
  6. Stilts


    Hello everyone! My name is Stilts (Though I go by a couple other random names when my name is taken :/) and I like to draw the anime and stuff! I've worked as a concept artist and sprite artist for a couple random indie Visual Novels in the past but for the most part they've all pretty much gone...

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