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  1. Sourcil

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Problem with 2 plugins since 2/26/17 update Plugin Name: YEP_X_BattleSysATB (v1.25) & YEP_X_VisualHpGauge (V1.06) Issue Description: Since the 2/26/17 update, turning these plugins on will prevent the game from starting at all. It worked fine before it. I get the error message: "TypeError...
  2. Sourcil

    Gameus' Quest System

    Such a shame, it looked so awesome :( I will have a look a your suggestions. Thanks for the quick reply, LTN Games! I have to add, I'm very impressed at how amazing and helpful the community here is. :biggrin:
  3. Sourcil

    Gameus' Quest System

    Hi Gameus, Great Pluggin! I want to use it, but I'm struck with an error message as soon as I boot up the .EXE file. People have been mentioning "nul to cat", I've got "nul to int", whatever that is. I extracted it to the root folder as per your instructions (after downloading the .JS file to...
  4. Sourcil

    Terrax Lighting system

    I have found the solution to my problem. While the program itself was updated to 1.3.4, the files within the project were not. I realized this while trying to implement Yan's YEP.116 - Grid-Free Doodads and following his tutorial instructions for installation. It also explains why creating a...
  5. Sourcil

    Terrax Lighting system

    [Edited for clarity; pardon my French] Hi Terrax, Great pluggin! It looks fantastic, so I tried using it for my game... but I can't get the script to start. It seems specific with my game, though. I created a new one as a test and booted the plugin on it, and it worked. I then went back to...

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