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  1. Shafla

    RMMV A plugin that removes the guard command?

    Please, I can't find anything to help me, I've already tried HIME and haven't managed to get what I want to work. I need to remove the guard command >.<
  2. Shafla

    RMMV The only plugin that fulfills a special need, has the link down.

    Helloooooo I have been looking all over the internet for a plugin' to satisfy the need I have at the moment with my game. Need, which is covered by a plugin: Unfortunately, the link is down, and the OP dbchest is...
  3. Shafla

    RMMV Looking for the Master Demo MV

    Hellooooo. Basically I'm looking for a Master Demo MV, and I've been looking for some information, but a couple of months ago the official pages for downloading it closed. I've only managed to find a couple of files on github, but one is discontinued and doesn't look like the video I'm...
  4. Shafla

    "Cannot read property height of undefined" In latest version

    Hello, I have a problem and it is that the error i put in the title is something that I get only when I try to change the font of my game. It has happened to me with the Really Free and Little Candy fonts. This error occurs only when I start a combat. I read around cases like mine and they say...

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