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  1. Save files saved to local data folders

    Hey, thank you for working so quickly on this problem ;) I've just tested a bit with the updated version and ran into this problem: I've tested with a new project and didn't make any changes to the code. After that I tried to change the line of the script into: var base = gui.App.dataPath +...
  2. OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    Really nice, thank you! Now it's working like a charm :smile:
  3. OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    I just remembered that I forgot to mention a critical part about the bug. You have to turn the BGM volume to 0 in the ingame options before interacting with the event. If the volume is at 10 or higher it works. But if turned off something goes wrong
  4. OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    It took me a while but I figured a way to recreate a bug in your Demo project that causes the problem I mean. First I created a new event. that looks like this: Then I set the BGM of the map to town1 When interacting with this event I get this Error: Since I have multiple fade bgm and replay...
  5. Save files saved to local data folders

    Hey, I tried using this plugin and everything related to the saves works fine. (they are stored in a folder named after the game inside appdata) However it looks like the game is then unable to find the config.rpgsave file. What I mean is: if you enable auto dash in options it only stays...
  6. OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    I'm using the latest version of both (v1.6.2 and your plugin) I think it happens if you setup many events with the plugins command (<aex>) and then use the fade bgs at some point.
  7. OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    I get this bug when ever I use the standard fade bgs command (The one that is provided by rpgm). Is there a way to fix that?
  8. Yanfly Save_Core add "input title" function on save

    Anyone got an idea how to achieve this? I still don't have a solution for this :frown:
  9. Yanfly Save_Core add "input title" function on save

    Hey, the last days I tried to modify Yanfly's Save_Core plugin so that when you save the game you get a popup window to enter a extra description (Title) for the savefile. I tried to do this via an actorname and the script: SceneManager.push(Scene_Name); SceneManager.prepareNextScene(ActorId...
  10. Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    hey, I've included this plugin into my project. and while the lightning and also in editor tools all work well I've encountered a problemm on larger maps (in my case 60x60) whenever I run from one side to the other the picture stutters for a few secs at random points. (fps drop from 60 to...

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