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  1. sabatadarkness

    Trouble with vehicles/BGMs

    So, in my game, I have an event in which the player's ship gets caught in a whirlpool. This causes the player to appear (shipless) in Drowned Temple. To accompany the urgency of being pulled underwater by a whirlpool, I have the BGM switch to Scene1. Then, to ensure that the player is off the...
  2. sabatadarkness

    Make variable X equal to Actor or Enemy Y's current TP?

    Ultimately, I'll want to make that actor or enemy be affected by a state if that variable is equal to 100, but this can be done without extra scripting.  Unfortunately, TP is not, by default, an option you can choose when making a variable equal to an actor's parameter.  I'd like to get a simple...
  3. sabatadarkness

    On 100 TP event?

    I want to make an event that occurs on 100 TP.  Specifically, I want the character to be affected by a state I'll refer to as State 26, as the State's id is 26.  State 26 is meant to give the character a boost to all parameters for 3 turns, at which point the state ends and TP is dropped to 0...
  4. sabatadarkness

    Dark Omen (A.K.A. My first game on RPG Maker VX Ace)

    Long ago, the world of Alterina was ruled by three kingdoms: Zeotar, who's martial prowess knew no equal, Deneth, who's leader was a fair and just one with a righteous heart, and Sirac, a magical land led by an evil and corrupt ruler.  Zeotar had always striven to maintain peace between the...

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I wrote a script everything worked fine until IDs and Names weren't being stored/called proper.. Turns out I used ' j ' instead of ' i ' for grabbing array element. 2 days of bug testing and rewriting to overlook a single little letter. I'm changing my default loop variables. Any recommendations? Maybe n & m? Kidding lol.
5 months and no progression at all, i love me.
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I might try the mechanical bull at the fair on Friday... for one of the challenges, if you stay on for two minutes, you win $200. I might give that a try and see if I win--I'm pretty good at holding on to things.
Remaking a more streamlined version of my Remote Move map skill in MZ, just one switch and one variable to handle everything. If you seen the Move skill in Golden Sun before, moving far away items with your mind is pretty cool


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