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  1. Diablerie

    RMMZ I can't get Cyclone to work.

    Hi. I'm trying to use the Cyclone plugin so that my game has achievements on Steam. I followed this step by step: I'm sure I didn't make a mistake to match things: Then the game folders and the lib folder: But I keep getting the same error messages...
  2. Diablerie

    What am I doing wrong when deploying?

    Hi! I'm trying to learn how to put Steam achievements in my game. For that, I need to deploy to have an executable version. However, when I try, the final game folder just looks like the normal folder. I saw in videos and images that there should be only two folders. "www" and "locales". But...
  3. Diablerie

    RMMZ Help for coloring text in the "Name Window" (MessageCore)

    Hello, I am using MessageCore from VisuStella. The text coloring option is not working in the Name Window, only in the Text Window. What I need to do? Thanks in advance!
  4. Diablerie

    RMMZ Sell only a single unit of an item?

    Hi! I will try to be as direct as possible. Is there any plugin that will allow me to have sellers sell only a single unit of an item? Or even put a limited stock of items in stores? I am using MZ version. Searching through the forum and Google I found a HIME plugin, but it doesn't seem...
  5. Diablerie

    RMMZ Main Menu Core: calling a common event without having to choose the character

    Hi! I managed to add menus in the "Main Menu Core", more specifically one that brings a common event. However, before the menu closes and the command is executed, I need to choose a character and that shouldn't happen. I've rummaged through the plugin's support page and will probably have to...
  6. Diablerie

    Walking through the walls

    I know that this is a very common problem. I looked for an answer in other threads, but none matches my problem! I have this tileset and Im using the blue tile to make the walls in a new map. And I simply can walk through the walls! The weirdest thing is: In other map, Im using the red tile and...
  7. Diablerie

    Help me with a solution for resolution (?)

    Hello everyone! I get things started in my game, and one of the first walls is resolution. I believe that the majority people have 1920x1080 monitors. The majority, but not everyone. I friend of mine, by the way, own a 1440x900. I started making the game in 1920x1080, and here comes my first...
  8. Diablerie

    School Summer Uniforms (my first work in pixel art, by the way)

    Hello, everyone! Yesterday I posted here in the forums, looking for school uniforms and unfortunetelly, I ended finded nothing that's satisfied me. But I really need it for my game. So... I made it myself! As I have used so many plugins, tilesets and others characters parts avaliable for free by...
  9. Diablerie

    I have some doubts

    Hello! So, I decided to make my first game... After some weeks working on a GDD, the time to get down to business has finally come. My game will be set on modern days. I've bought some tiles on Steam, and so, I feel armed really well for maps, but... Talking about character, the thing is really...
  10. Diablerie

    VX tiles works on MZ?

    Hello! I'm really interested in buy this: But my version of RPG Maker is MZ. I should? And taking advantage of the thread, where can I change my profile pic and username here in the forum? haha Thanks in advance!

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