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  1. RetroSoldier

    I don't think it exists! The missing VX Ace low party HP music.

    Hello, Strangers! It is I, your good friend, uh, Other Stranger. Let's chat a while, and see if we can't solve this issue together! The Problem: Part 1 No obvious way to make it so the battle music changes to a user-defined song when the current battle party's collective Current HP is at...
  2. RetroSoldier

    Oh, Variable 5! (Moby's Text SE & Yanfly's Victory Aftermath!)

    Hello all! I'm RetroSoldier the Unheard Of! I'm making a small-ish RPG for my friends to enjoy (and for the pleasure of game-making.)  Anyway, onto the problem we go! The Setup: I am currently using a few scripts, two of which are Moby's Text SE v1.0 for sounds with mah text (specifically...

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I wrote a script everything worked fine until IDs and Names weren't being stored/called proper.. Turns out I used ' j ' instead of ' i ' for grabbing array element. 2 days of bug testing and rewriting to overlook a single little letter. I'm changing my default loop variables. Any recommendations? Maybe n & m? Kidding lol.
5 months and no progression at all, i love me.
1.6 update incoming with quality breakthrough! :kaoluv:


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