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  1. None of the assests im utlizing in GIMP will load up properly in MZ

    Ive just recently started making my own game.( yes im a newb.) And for the life of me,I cant get any of my assets to appropriately load for RPG MZ. I just recently did a map in GIMP and the MZ just turns it into copy images. Not to mention i cant get a single character loaded in. it always...
  2. RMMZ Battles on the map like Zelda

    I noticed this thread. I'm New and am in search of maybe a free program or plugin that could make it to where your not entering turn based battle. combat akin to Zelda or dark souls, for RPG Maker MZ. Ive already read some of the comments that you all have posted. are those the only places you...

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I wrote a script everything worked fine until IDs and Names weren't being stored/called proper.. Turns out I used ' j ' instead of ' i ' for grabbing array element. 2 days of bug testing and rewriting to overlook a single little letter. I'm changing my default loop variables. Any recommendations? Maybe n & m? Kidding lol.
5 months and no progression at all, i love me.
1.6 update incoming with quality breakthrough! :kaoluv:


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