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  1. Targaryen

    Skill Links

    I have been using Hime's Skill Link script for RPG Maker VX Ace, and I'm wondering if someone could rewrite it to javascript.   Also, this amazing addon to check some really good conditions: [-_>[-_>[-_>[-_>
  2. Targaryen

    [S] Counter / Gauge States.

    EDIT: I learned to program on the last weeks and now I have a simply beta of this plugin, I think the main idea is done, but I need help to draw gauges, learn simple Javascript If someone could teach me, I'll be a good student xD, thanks anyway. "Counter / Gauge States" In short, it’s a...
  3. Targaryen

    What elements are needed on a RPG?

    Well, I'm a "old" RPG player (and MOBA and MMORPG) and I see one of the most important elements are "Attack elements", I mean, Fire, Ice... But, most of them just coincide only two or three (Fire and Ice are the most usual). My question is, if you have to choose the elements for a rpg and you...
  4. Targaryen

    Plugins' issue.

    When I'm trying to test my project and I load lastest plugins, It doesnt charge and "Failed to load GameFont" appears... I tried to turn on / off some plugins, to see if they are incompatible, but error keeps happening. I turn off all plugins and started to turn on them one to one, and if I load...
  5. Targaryen

    Base "notetags" Object

    Hey, how are you? I'm goint to be very direct: I was making my project and I though "copying the same notetag for all actors, states, skills... is really annoying, because I have 2000 skills and... wow... so... what could I do?" and I'm here. I would like to see a script similar to "base troop...

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