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  1. bobisme

    So do i stop what i am doing and buy this?

    Have a few games in the pipelines on vx ace, should i stop what i am doing and buy this? Is this 'next gen' ? :) might be mixing up engines here hehe, :D
  2. bobisme

    pc wiped, lost my game :( found the game on usb! :D wont start :(

    i was trolling around another rpgmaker forum until i realised i was on the wrong site! :D been a long time since i posted here :) hi all :) so.. my pc crashed and long story short also lost my game, after goin through some old usb sticks i found it! lost only a few maps :) but now every...
  3. bobisme

    can't access account as wont verify

    several times i tried to log in, it would seem one of your portals are not working because depending on how i log in depends on if it registers my email or not. Just read a post in regard to that, stating it is from hotmails side, though the different choice in logging in seems to fix it. That...
  4. bobisme

    can i get region id to show a picture at region id's location?

    I want to make walls that disappear so you don't loose all that floor down the bottom so a region id runs along the bottom of the usual boundary and when you touch that region id it tells a second region id to change picture (thinking now you dont need the first. ) just touch the one and make...
  5. bobisme

    issues with action patterns

    I've always had a prob dealing with action patterns... long story short: Very simple, i want  my creature to only cast a spell when it is at 50% or less health, how ever even though it has taken no damage, it uses the spell..?  :) so will it use the spell in 'general' along with the rest in...
  6. bobisme


    Hey guys :) I know how to make a bridge, i know how to make it so that i can go under it or over it no worries by using the change tile set option: the second tile set has the bridge tiles as star passability(above) instead of the O(below) on the first tile set. depending on player placement...
  7. bobisme

    accessing ruby through command prompt .resolved

    hey guys! :) I've been digging around  the web going to ruby forums n the like and i swear all of the forums avoid telling people how to get windows 7 command prompt to recognize irb. if someone could point me in the right direction i would be ever thankful :) any help would be greatly...
  8. bobisme

    show text windows when just highlighting an option?

    hey guys :) i would like to show text windows when just highlighting an option >.< in my game at the start you need to pick 2 traits/fields of study aka fallout, what i'd like to be able to do is make it so that a text panel pops up when one choice is highlighted. At present it pops up like...
  9. bobisme

    creature refuses to change skill

    *I'm using vx ace :)   ***** I have given a creature 2 skills one is his default hit and the other will only apply when a specific state is applied. When that state is applied it seals the first skill which by rights should force my creature to use the now available (only available) skill...
  10. bobisme

    Tame creatures: the hard way?

    Hey guys :) What i want to create is the ability to tame a creature your battling what i have done is created a skill called tame creature that applies a state called tame  the state applied:: i then created a conditional branch in the troop settings: when slime has state tame...
  11. bobisme

    the sewer DS tile set incomprehensible? :P

    Hey guys!   how the hell do you make a sewer with the DS sewer tile set? I checked the example sewer map given in the DS pack, tried it in my project and they just do not want to work together. I even copied and pasted the demo sewer tile set over just to make sure i hadn't done something...
  12. bobisme

    game test stuck in windowed mode

    hey people, thanks in advance for any help >.<  when i select full screen game test the game still only tests in windowed mode, it goes black full screen for half a second and drops into windowed mode like i had selected it  at present i am using Nickes core script and pre title...
  13. bobisme

    bought DS pack soo glad i did! from this, to this..

    I'd done alot of work on my maps using the original tile sets while using the demo of rpg maker ace.. bought  rpg maker and had to decide on a pack to get, went for the DS pack and damn what a difference! I was going through hell for a bit trying to get the tile sets set up/to line up how i...

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