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  1. Event switch help

    Sorry everyone I checked out a tutorial thanks to Grandma Deb! I wasn't specifying the check player inventory to see if the player had the item in his inventory. .
  2. Event switch help

    Oh sorry it messes up when I go to speak to him again after getting the mushrooms, the dialogue reverts to the first page and I have to speak to him again to get the rest of the event to run.
  3. Counter attacking.

    Since I haven't seen a thread about this yet, I want to know is is possible to have it so that a player/monster can counter an attack before the damage is dealt? To make it easier to understand, I have a monster attack the player, now the turn before the player used a skill so that they would...
  4. Event switch help

    Hello everyone, I recently have discovered the joy of switches and decided to run a event in which the Player talks to a NPC who gives him a quest to retrieve a set number of items, and then have dialogue afterwords without the player having to go through the initial dialogue again, below are...
  5. Deleting events permanently after the event runs.

    Excellent! Thank you guys so much! It works! It WORKS! If I could I would give you a big hug Andar. But I can't so take this heartfelt internet highfive *highfive*
  6. Deleting events permanently after the event runs.

    Ok that made her move again so after the move route do I then switch it? Also is there a way to make her dissapear after she ends the movement. Also I noticed that by checking the wait for completion box, the player was not able to follow her, so can I have it so that the map scrolls with her?
  7. Deleting events permanently after the event runs.

    Ok but when I put the graphic on the second page she doesn't follow her move route. She starts it, as in she turns left but then it stops right there. 
  8. Deleting events permanently after the event runs.

    Ok so I tried it out although when I went to go test it and I talk to her, after the dialogue she disappears. 
  9. Deleting events permanently after the event runs.

    As the title states I am trying to make a event auto delete or stop its self after it completes its actions. - the event in question. What I need help with is how to set it up so that after it runs through the dialogue and the move route, it gets to the end route and...
  10. New idea I just had and now to find out how to do it any help?

    Thanks guys for the help but I was finally able to make it work.
  11. New idea I just had and now to find out how to do it any help?

    Sorry guys so this is what I have so far, problem is every time I start the game the enemies dialogue repeats. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. New idea I just had and now to find out how to do it any help?

     I am trying to make a event that involves 2 monsters and a few Players/NPC's. The event in question is how to make it so that after a certain line of dialouge the 2 monsters teleport into the map and then have 2 NPC's move to them without need of battle, until the player executes a event to...
  13. Removing save from the players main menu.

    Ok everyone I think I did it.  Thank you to everyone, it really was that simple. Thanks for putting up with my thickskull. You can close the thread now.
  14. Removing save from the players main menu.

    How do I put it on a parallel process? Sorry I'm still a bit new to this whole script/event thing.
  15. Removing save from the players main menu.

    Well I created the event in a square on the map, went to the events changed Save Access to disable. Attached is the event I am using am I even doing this right?
  16. Removing save from the players main menu.

    This is what I am looking for thank you very much, as a reward you will be my second boss in the game! Also I did search for "Save Crystals" and found the topic but it didn't show how to do it game wide just with one event unless I can event the whole map?
  17. Removing save from the players main menu.

    As the title explains I want to remove the Save option when you open the main menu in game, and make it so that you can only save at certain places any help on how to accomplish such a task?
  18. NPC event quest help.

    It does tremendously! In honor I will name the first "Boss" after you. One more thing what do I do with the third event page for the mayor?
  19. NPC event quest help.

    Hello I am trying to get it so that when the player defeats a certain monster the Mayor NPC rewards him. Attached is what I have so far any help or am I doing it wrong?
  20. Event System Support (expert users only)

    @Celianna Thank's for the info.

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