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  1. enemies (event) randomly appear and disappear

    hi there I'm trying to populate a map with events that will trigger a battle when in contact with player (imagine bats flying around in the map) These events (bats) will appear at random Page 1: (no condition) / No sprite / parallel process random variable 1..10. if variable > 7: self.A = On...
  2. draw magic (FFVIII Style)

    A while ago (a couple of years really), I got this plugin/script for RPG Maker VX that allowed the 'party' to draw and use magic in a way similar to how it is done in Final Fantasy VIII. I believe the script was by HimeWorks, but I can be utterly wrong on that. So I was wondering, if...

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I've got like 15 game ideas that I'm working on at the same time, and I'm fresh out of motivation for all of them. the past couple of weeks have been me not working on anything at all and wasting my time instead of being productive... gosh I love myself so much
Well turns out I'm not going to the fair... COVID cases way too high in my state. Instead I'll just go to Chuck E Cheese's and transfer all my tickets from Orlando to my normal PlayPass wristband.

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