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  1. Calendar Screen - Turning Player into Cursor

    Heyo! I've been trying to figure out a kind of visual calender for my game for some time but I keep running into the same problem. See, the calender - as an ingame item - now teleports the player onto a seperate map where the player funtions as a cursor. I got this working, so big deal...
  2. Hover-over, seperate Menu/Diary?

    Hi, first of all!  I really hope I'm posting in the right thread, I couldn't find a tutorial that explained my specific idea/problem. I'll try to make this as clear as possible, I'm not a total newbie to the RPG Maker but I'm not a pro either, so please bear with me. ;; What I'm trying to...

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I've got like 15 game ideas that I'm working on at the same time, and I'm fresh out of motivation for all of them. the past couple of weeks have been me not working on anything at all and wasting my time instead of being productive... gosh I love myself so much
Well turns out I'm not going to the fair... COVID cases way too high in my state. Instead I'll just go to Chuck E Cheese's and transfer all my tickets from Orlando to my normal PlayPass wristband.

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Also here's a beautiful nymph to liven up the day for y'all! (No it's not me.)


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