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  1. Automatic Boat Call

    I updated your code for Ace if you don't mind so others can use it. It did make a few changes being a professional programmer. So here you go so you can post the update (please take all the credit given that it is your idea and original work). Good job by the way for VX. module...
  2. Farm Engine

    You can could update the time on each frame calling on the Time::New which gets the current time and use and previous time with that set up intervals which if the timer >= interval the crop would grow. It probably would even be better avoiding the Ruby's ever so slow GC and just write a simple...
  3. Quest System

    I actually did write the Scripts for the Quest classes (Tasks, Requirements, Dialog, etc...) which do the same thing with a separate quest editor application for it. I am not giving it out just yet because I am deciding of actually just writing the classes in C using the sqlite3 for the database...
  4. Rune scene/system

    First I will have to look at the suikoden rune code simply because I have never read it. It will take me some time because I have lot on my plate with other solutions that I am doing in native code. What I can guarantee it that I will spend the time to work on it (weeding out the famous bugs...

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