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  1. Equips: Transistor/Child of Light

    Transistor: Your abilities can be equipped to Active, Enhancement or Passive slots. Child of Light: Your Oculi can be equipped to Weapon, Armor & Accessory slots. In both games all "Equips" are universal, but with differing effects depending on Slot Equipped to. How can we create an equip...
  2. Script Notes made Easy from text files

    Disclosure: in order to properly do what I am saying you must understand the English Language well enough to follow the directions, so if this is hard for you, try to find a friend that knows it well! I do not claim any ownership to the plugins that I use, I am not a scripter, they work on my...
  3. Seriously Looking For Group

    Please don't PM me until we've talked in this thread. Hi guys, I go by Cybrim here within the forums I am looking for a group to make games with, I've done a little bit of freelance BattleStart art (quite literally free) for a project I believe in. I have ideas for systems but I work a full...
  4. I need help writing a simple plot in a Fantasy world

    Hi there it's Cybrim, I'm trying to come up with a story, but this is a short one with an optional quest and the actual quest. I would like to come up with an easy to understand plot like Dragon Warrior, "Princess is kidnapped, (option to save her), Kill the Dragonlord." something like this, but...
  5. Magic & System Discussion

    Hi, I'm Cybrim. I would like to discuss the importance of magic in your game worlds. Remember that in every world magic is NEVER a "Fix-All" in fact it causes many problems. Edit- I'm giving a brief description of things and events, not trying to make them the focus. I'm examining them and...
  6. How to make the battle transition take longer/Shorter! For art purposes.

    Hi there! Cybrim here, Tinker of the Nether and all around knowing villain! Muwha ha ha! Ask yourself this question: Do I need faster or slower gameplay? If your "BattleStart" image is EPIC, INCREDIBLE and FREAKIN' AWESOME... you want it to take longer. OR If you want to get straight into...
  7. Tileset Templates

    I will sue you if I find out you used this for personal non-profit work! :guffaw: This is really easy to do, the checker board is spaced for each individual tile. I personally recommend using for Windows because it is free and very easy to navigate for a free program with a lot of...
  8. Dragon Warrior Radiance Spell Effect

    Hi, I've tried and failed several times now to recreate the "Radiance" Spell and Torch effect in Dragon Warrior 1, is it possible to make a picture follow the character, I have a black picture with a transparent center, theoretically it should work, and it does as long as I do not move, but I...
  9. Google Chrome User

    When i try to log-in to the web site it won't go to the sign-in unless I open it in either a new window or new tab. I Use Google Chrome, fully updated... 
  10. Hi I'm Cybrim

    Hi all, I work a lot or get really busy but I use RPG Maker VX Ace in my free time, I finally got my own computer! It took too long. Well see you around, by the way Final Fantasy 6 should be remade with Amano style graphics but with open world design true to the original except as detailed...

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