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  1. Grayborders

    Victor Animated Battle problem

    Hi just a quick question if anyone else who is using Vitros animated battle script came across this error: Error occurs under Animated battle script when trying to show an image, error is as follows: "undefined local variable or method `n` for #<Game_poseValue:0xbcfbeac" all i was trying to...
  2. Grayborders

    File management script request/commission.

    Hi there, here is another crazy script request, from your truly.... Ok i got this rather questionable idea in my head, which could have a lot of utility. So this script would use notetags on skills, items, etc. First delete files in, lets say the battler folder and replace it with another file...
  3. Grayborders

    Costumes/Busts system help.

    Hi there this is a pretty complicated system setup help request. So i`ll try to explain as best i can, i apologise if its not the easiest to understand. Ok so I`m using Glav`s "message busts" script for scenes in my game. Its a really neat script, it allows me to set faceset images in scenes...
  4. Grayborders

    "unlimited tilesets"?

    Hey and happy holidays to all. So my question is very noobie but i found this in the VX ACE description: "RPG maker VX ace has support for unlimited tilesets, whereas RPG maker VX could had a limit of up to only five tilesets" My question is how? i read around google and i found somewhere ace...
  5. Grayborders

    Parallax mapping file size issue.

    Hi i have a question. I recently started to use parallax mapping, i find it refreshing and amazing, but my problem is that all my maps are huge, hell even a small 166x100 map turns out to be a png file that is 24mb! and I was planing to redo my world map fully hand drawn, but with these file...
  6. Grayborders

    Free animated battlers!

    Here is the link to my blog where you can find all of my animated battlers. The blog is updated whenever a new battler is finished! All animated battlers are free to use in both commercial and free RPG maker games! ONLY RPG MAKER...
  7. Grayborders

    Galv`s Actor Duel Minigame change hlep.

    Hi i decided to use Galv`s actor duel minigame script which can be found here: I have 1 tiny problem and Galv said i should probably ask for help here. Now this is as far i can tell not a big request. So from the little i understand of Ruby...
  8. Grayborders

    New pose setup for Victors animated battlers.

    I`m sure almost everyone knows about Victors animated battle script, its awesome i must say :) However i`m trying to set up a new pose for holder style battlers, a pose that is displayed whenever MP is decreased in any way, in my game mp cannot be decreased by items or skills, or magic but by...
  9. Grayborders

    Battle Menu Request/Commission

    Hi I`m looking for a pretty big overhaul of the Battle System Menu, I`m looking for a script(or combination of scripts) that can do exactly what i had in mind. In case the script/s dont exist yet i am willing to Commission a scripter to do it, after its done you are free to release to the...
  10. Grayborders

    Automatic state activation based on MP?

    Hi there this might very well be an ultra noobie question but i cant figure this one out and after 1h of google i stil cant find how to do this. I`m trying to activate a state when mp reaches 0, i alos want to set up states wich have a % chance to trigger when mp is 0. This whould happen for...
  11. Grayborders

    - Border - The game you`ll never play!

                                                 We are now on Kickstarter, please take a look.                                                                                                                          Play the Demo...
  12. Grayborders

    Airship no fly zone?

    Hi there i have a question about Airships and their settings for passability, I`m trying to make an area inaccessible for airships(and boats) but i cant seam to find a way(i am using mode 7 but that should not interfere if i`m right) Using blank events is not working since the airship seams to...

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