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  1. MattLikesPenguins

    Looking for a very simple HUD script.

    (Sorry if this is the wrong section. There was no link in the "Script requests go here" description, so I assumed this was the correct section) I'm interested in implementing a VERY simple HUD into a Friday the 13th fan game I'm making and wanted to see what it'd cost to have someone make it...
  2. MattLikesPenguins

    Two quick Q's: Removing Save, re-adding Key Items

    A while back I did some digging to find out how to remove the Armor/Weapons from the item's submenu. The answer given was to paste THIS as a script That worked fine, but for some reason now when I select Items, it has two spaces displayed, one saying Items, the other blank. It looks like I've...
  3. MattLikesPenguins

    Simple Quick Time Event for Friday the 13th fan-game?

    I don't really explain things very well at times, so I'll make this as simple as I can. All I'm looking for is a way to construct a simple, one-key-press QTE. It would be in a situation similar to this: A counselor is walking down a path/hallway/etc... when Jason shows up by surprise. The...
  4. MattLikesPenguins

    Issues with Victor Engine Lighting script

    (Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum or has already been answered) I love this script, but I'm running into a problem when I try to deactivate it. The setup I'm using is pretty simple: A PP event runs the Create Shade event, the player steps on a 'Player Touch' event that turns on a...
  5. MattLikesPenguins

    5 things I wish I'd done from the get-go.

    (Mods: please move if this is the wrong place for this) It's been about three years since I began working on my game LifeWeaveR. I'm approaching the finish line with it, and that's given me time to reflect on some of the things I wish to God I'd done from the beginning, since it would have...
  6. MattLikesPenguins

    Trees come out black in Yami's Overlay Mapping?

    For reference, I was following the parallax mapping tutorial located here: The guide was followed as closely as possible, and both scripts were installed. Everything else in the map worked perfectly...
  7. MattLikesPenguins

    Opinions/critique wanted on my "Astral Gateway" animation.

    Quick backstory: The Astral Gateway is basically a warp system. You plant an Astral Beacon, then use the Gateway to warp to it's location (If you're confused as to why you'd need to warp somewhere you've already been to, it's because the final dungeon can't be sailed to or flown to (there's...
  8. MattLikesPenguins

    Actors always evade attacks.

    For some bizarre reason, I'm having an issue where actors attacks are working fine, but enemy attacks aren't. Magic attacks are generally reliable, but physical attacks keep being evaded. Let me clarify a couple of things up front: A) No, I did not create a new class B) Yes, I tried it in a new...
  9. MattLikesPenguins

    My fog-event is apparently broken.

    Hey guys, I was looking for a way to add fog to a forest setting and came upon this thread here: I downloaded the graphic and made the events as instructed, except since the forest spans 5...
  10. MattLikesPenguins

    Turn dead characters into 'ghosts'.

    If you've played the older Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games on the NES, you probably remember that when a party member died, their sprite changed to a hollow outline representing their 'ghost'. This tutorial will show you how to do something similar in your own game. Demo here: You will...
  11. MattLikesPenguins

    Cutscene transition effects script?

    I dug around on the forum and didn't find anything, but I'm trying to find a script (or have one made if possible) that will function similar to the battle transition, except for cutscenes. This would be used to replace having to use the fade-in/fade-out function in situations like, for example...
  12. MattLikesPenguins

    Timing based tile-dodging minigame.

    Hey guys, I wanted to contribute something here instead of constantly asking questions, so I made this minigame tutorial, which is going to be long as hell because I tend to over-complicate things. As you can see from the demo video, the game consists of four rows of flashing tiles. Each tile...
  13. MattLikesPenguins

    Boss immunity to "Instant Death" spells?

    Any idea as to how to include ID spells (Mine are very simple and just add the "Death" state) without having your Final Boss die in one round from a lucky cast? I've tried creating another "Death" state that's basically a carbon-copy of the default but it doesn't function like the original.
  14. MattLikesPenguins

    Spontaneous sprite changing. Help?

    Here's the problem: While traveling through a forest, the MCs party walks into an ambush set by a bunch of thugs. After a lot of threats and arguing, the party and the thugs fight (big surprise, right?) but after they win THIS happens: All five of the thugs have 3 pages and are set up...
  15. MattLikesPenguins

    Mini-game help?

    Hi guys, I've decided to include optional mini-games in a project I'm building and have run into a problem with one of them.  In the game below, the player presses the red button and the chests start moving at random. When the chest desired touches the green square in the center the player...
  16. MattLikesPenguins

    Battle ending text mis-aligned.

    Hi guys, small problem here. I was experimenting in the script editor trying to see if there was a way to add a space between the currency and the amount  at the end of battles (ex. "320 G" instead of "320G"). I don't know how I did it but now the text is misaligned and looks like this...

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