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  1. HamPants

    Pondfishin' Partytime Panic!

    Pondfishin' Partytime Panic! Are you looking for a heroic tale? Well, haven't you come to the wrong place! Help young fisherman Randy on his quest to furnish his home on store credit! Catch fish, and suffer late-night puns! Decorate an initially empty house! Flout social customs...
  2. HamPants

    RPG Maker VX Ace Basics Video Series

    These videos are amazing, and have helped me explain things that I'm not good at explaining, to those who needed help. Thank you! :)
  3. HamPants

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #2

    [EDIT by Moderator. The original first post has vanished. I have reconstructed it and you will find it in post #4. Edit ends.] Bypassing the character limit is going to give me a lot of freedom, thanks Fomar!

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Just thought I'd share how my battlers are looking for my 4 main characters. From left to right... Ashlyn the brave fighter, Lizzabelle the peaceful mage, Suki the thief, Saedra the not-so-peaceful mage.

Power to the Game Make!
ok by this weekend I WILL finally need alpha testers for Backstage: murdered sleep because it's got enough content at this point I want to get it on Steam Early Access ASAP (2/22/2022 would be a cool release date if I can make it).

By all means volunteer here, sure, but where else should I be looking?
Randomly trying to make some butcher shop tiles for MZ :3
Current menu of Shadows of the Earth: The Vrila'an Legend. Currently taking a break from combat related mechanics. Hope i get the actor busts done before the day ends :)

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