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  1. udime123

    Setting Up A Card System (MV)

    Heyo, everyone! So, I've got myself a pretty interesting task today. Effectively, my goal is to set up some sort of card system, where a player can create a deck, have that deck shuffled, and draw a hand during battle from which a card can be selected for use as a skill. This has not...
  2. udime123

    RMMV Link BGM and ME Volumes (SOLVED)

    Hello, everyone! Today I come to you in hopes of adjusting the game's Options parameters. By default, there are four volume options: SE, BGM, ME, and BGS. I can understand why these four are seperated the way they are, but for my purposes, I've found that having ME and BGM attached to seperate...
  3. udime123

    RMMV YEP Taunt and Random Scope

    Hello, everyone! Today's inquiry regards Yanfly's Taunt Core! It's a relatively simple question, but I'm not positive the answer will be as intuitive, huh. Basically, the gist of the Taunt Core is that it forces skills of certain types to ignore TGR and...
  4. udime123

    RMMV Display variable in BattleStatus Window

    Hello there! A couple of actors in my game have special variables that the player would benefit from being able to quickly reference at a glance. Currently, I've been employing SRD's Hud Maker to display these, which works functionally alright but tends to look out of place on the overall UI...
  5. udime123

    RMMV YEP Party System Creates Placeholder Actors

    Hey there! It's always hard to write a good title for these since I have to keep it brief, but today my issue stems from the Yanfly Party System plugin, as well as just my own lack of foresight. So, I released the demo of my game a couple months ago with intentions to allow the player to...
  6. udime123

    YEP Action Sequence - Copy Motion

    Hello, everyone! So, my game has a lot of skills, and luckily Yanfly's Action Sequence Packs (1, 2, 3) have this covered with a quick plugin that lets you copy sequences from other skills via the "action copy:skill:x" feature. The problem is, for some reason, everything copies over for me...
  7. udime123

    Hime Menu Music on Load File

    Hello, everyone! So, I've employed Hime's Menu Music plugin, and it works largely as intended aside from an oversight that it would appear is an issue with the plugin itself: when the game is saved through the menu (but not through other means such as events), the music that plays after loading...
  8. udime123

    Irina Unison Attack - Target Conditions

    So, I'm using Irina's Unison Attack Plugin, which allows you to trigger skills by queuing two other skills from the Database. The plugin works as intended, but I've come into a few issues that I'm trying to figure out a way around. These issues mainly involve the way targeting works. To trigger...
  9. udime123

    Three Required Weapons on Skill

    Hello, everyone! So, my game features a character who can equip any weapon type except character-specific super weapons. Furthermore, she has her own exclusive weapon type that effectively allows her to use the weapons skills of every other weapon, so she can use Spear attacks and Sword attacks...
  10. udime123

    Changing Command Order -Equip Battle Skills YEP

    Hello again, everyone! So, for my game's battle system, the team has decided that the generic "Attack" command isn't going to be necessary, but instead of outright removing it, we wanted to repurpose it into a skill that recharges MP. That's easy enough. Because the skill is mostly just a...
  11. udime123

    YEP Main Menu Manager - Menu for Specific Skill Type

    Hello everyone! So, in my game, I want to make out of battle skills (such as healing and interacting with some objects) have its own option on the menu, so that when you select it you'll have instant access to every skill of a certain skill type that a party member might have. I imagine...
  12. udime123

    Editing Key Names on YEP Keyboard Config

    Hello, everyone! The plugin in question, Yanfly Keyboard Config, has been working perfectly fine since I first started using it, and it technically still does. However, I recently installed an SFont using Victor Engine's SFont Plugin, which I've been tweaking with for a few days now to get it...
  13. udime123

    Astral Fire/Umbral Ice Mechanic

    Hello, everyone! I'm trying to create a State system that works similarly to Black Mage from Final Fantasy XIV. In FFXIV, Black Mage has two "modes": Astral Fire, which increases their attack power but also increases MP cost, and Umbral Ice, which decreases MP cost and allows them to regenerate...
  14. udime123

    High Or Low Skill

    Hello! So, there was a concept for a skill I wanted to implement that I felt was complicated enough that I wasn't even going to bother asking if this would be possible without a plugin. Basically, the skill in question is inspired by the skill "Double Up" from Lufia: The Legend Returns. The...
  15. udime123

    YEP EX Param - Using Variables in Notetags

    Hello! So, I'm using Yanfly's EX Paramater Formula plugin because I want certain classes to use different stats to affect their EX Params, such as a Thief using AGI to affect EVA while a Mage would use MAT. The page provides notetags you can add to Actors, Classes, and Equipment to manually...
  16. udime123

    Display Variables in Battle UI

    Hello, everyone! So, many of the characters in my game have unique mechanics.Two of these characters have mechanics that involve variables that the player would benefit from knowing while those characters are in battle. The first character enters a "hyper mode" after dealing and receiving...
  17. udime123

    [Solved] Yanfly Buff States Core: Custom Apply to Change State Duration

    Hey there, everyone! I've run into a little dilemma! So, I have a state where the duration is supposed to be equal to the afflicted's Luck stat, and Yanfly's Buffs States Core has a feature that should be absolutely perfect for making this work. However, when I've attempted to apply this, it...
  18. udime123

    Separate Maps vs. Single Maps

    So, a common trick that many games use is holding all of a location's screens on a single map, but keeping them seperated enough in the void so that they appear to be seperate floors or rooms or whatever the location in question is. That said, I've tried employing this trick, as well as just...
  19. udime123

    RMMV: Disabling Text Anti-Aliasing Removes Opacity on "Greyed Out" Text

    I apologize, I tried my best to explain the problem in the thread title, but it's a little complicated so I'll have to explain everything here. By default, my game's text looks like this. It's ugly, hard to read, and clashes with the game's pixelated aesthetic. So, I did some searching and...
  20. udime123

    YEP Victory Aftermath Portrait Cutoff

    Hello, everyone! I've been using Yanlfy's Victory Aftermath for my game, but there is a particular element that's been bugging me. On the aftermath screen, to make room for every character's portrait, it cuts off the top and bottom of the sprite. The problem is that my portraits have borders...

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