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  1. Fornoreason1000

    Tiles Leave Orange Trailing Edge While Moving

    Hello, I couldn't find anything on this, not sure if its a bug with MV or just that chrome browser thing it comes with. I notice for some reason certain tiles will leave a trailing edge on them when the character moves. the edge appears on the side of the tiles dependent on the players...
  2. Fornoreason1000

    Regular Expression in a Loop!

    Just found and interesting but potentially brain scrambling bug involving using Regular expressions recursively. I consider it a potential trap for new players, (don't know what forum this fits into) take this source string <commandA: 10> <commandA: 9> <commandA: 5> <commandA: 4> <commandA: 3>...
  3. Fornoreason1000

    Inconsistent Error When Saving

    Hello, I'm getting a weird error whenever I save in game. it does not happen all the times. but arouind 1 in 5 times i will get an EBUSY: resource Busy or locked, unlink 'file1.rpgsave.bak'. Nothing shows up in the console. as below EDIT: this seem to happen only when any plugin is installed...
  4. Fornoreason1000

    Monster Arena Plugin for MV

    I couldn't find any Monster arena like plugins for MV , the closest i found was for VXace and i couldn't even find a release for it. So i have Decided to develop one for the hell of it. I'll aim to have this thing adaptable as possible, thus may or may not be for intermediate to advanced users...
  5. Fornoreason1000

    Audio Lag Fix

    Audio Lag Fix 0.82 Beta Download (press X on the popup) It's no secret that some people have been experiencing Audio lag within RPG maker specifically the longer BGM Files. This is mainly due to Audio Buffer not being suited for clips greater than 45 seconds. When...
  6. Fornoreason1000

    Introducing The New Newbie

    Hello Everyone. pretty new to MV, but i have been into RPGmaker for a while now, mostly  worked with VXAce, VX and XP but only got the trials when they came out. I decided to but MV once i heard more about it.  I mostly code things, but im working on pixel art techniques as well. mostly i can...

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