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  1. TalalAlgreby

    Tutorial/Help Menu Script Request.

    Hello Everyone =) i'm currently trying to add a feature to my game. since i will have many mechanics (some may be complicated to understand from the first time) I need a help/tutorial menu to be an option. so when the player gets lost he can open the menu and click Help to search for what he...
  2. TalalAlgreby

    Is Using caps in video games appropriate ?

    i've been wondering about this for quite some time. i rarely see games that uses caps. is it appropriate or does it actually ruin the game? (gives you that raging feeling?) Sometimes i think the feelings won't reach the player without caps. Ex. Like let's say a suicide scene in a game...
  3. TalalAlgreby

    i'm having a stuttering problem.

    Heya everyone :) as the topic says, i've been having this problem for a quite a time when i was young i remember it was coming to me but it was no problem, just a very weak version of it. i didn't stutter as much and it didn't bother me. But lately it returned, it returned about 1 year ago...
  4. TalalAlgreby

    Auto Save?

    Hello Everyone ! i was asking if there is an Auto Save function? i know this was asked before, but people were asking for certain save to turn into "Auto-Save" function, and it will automatically Save in case the player forgets What i want is the game to Auto-Save on the SAME save slot you...
  5. TalalAlgreby

    Help - Bust Edit

    Hello Everyone :) i need a bust edited Asap ~ So the character is the one right here - Now what i need of this character is the following Hair Change, i'll have the hair's graphic under this list. Skin color change, a little darker (Tan color) New Clothings So for his hair, i want it to...
  6. TalalAlgreby

    Need a logo for my game !

    Hello Everyone ! so as far as i'm concerned, i need a logo for my project so i can put after the intro and in title screen and basically everywhere else, But there's a slight problem so this logo might actually be a little hard, The thing i need is some custom art, don't worry yet you won't...
  7. TalalAlgreby

    Team X - A new world born

    The Lovely logo was made by Yuuta Kirishima Hello Everyone ! This is a project i've been working on not very long ago, and i just finished the prologue (which is 20 - 30 minutes long) But to continue the project i need to hire an artist(s) and musician(s) and maybe grammar checker? English is...
  8. TalalAlgreby

    Cut Down Sprite request

    Hello everyone, so there's a very important scene in my game where a character gets cut down, i'll put the sprite right here : so what i want is a sprite of her laying on the ground with one hand cut off, or one leg cut off, with some blood on the ground. Thanks for taking the time to read...
  9. TalalAlgreby

    Losing a battle on purpose on an ABS system?

    hello everyone. so i'm using falcao pearl ABS and there's a battle that you should lose to it, since i won't be able to use the "continue even if defeated" option in an ABS system, i want to know how can i make a battle where you're supposed to lose. i tried putting an AUTO run event to check...
  10. TalalAlgreby

    Party Members help !

    Hello, Thanks for dropping by :) So i need help in party members, in my game somtimes you go to a solo fight, or a team fight. It's like each party members fights The Enemy alone in seperate battles, but most of the adventure will be with all party members together. The problem i'm having is...
  11. TalalAlgreby

    Hello Everyone !

    Hello Everyone, I'm Talal-Algreby, or talal for short. i've been obsessed with making games, i always make games for my friends my family and have their opinion on it. and now i have everyone here :) hope we can be good friends. i'm not really good at art or scripting so i can use help...
  12. TalalAlgreby

    Website logo request !

    Hello Everyone ! I want to make a website for the games i  create so i can put all the info in it and my games and other stuff, So what i want is a logo to be the header for the website The logo should be "Talal Games"  and you can do whatever you want to make it creative, thanks !
  13. TalalAlgreby

    How can i overcome sadness?

    i've been having a really hard time in life, all of sudden i wasn't even thinking of people i wasn't trying to understand life i was just happy Then a series of unfortunate events happened.. now the world just seems like sadness.. sure i get happy from time to time but.. Almost all of the time...
  14. TalalAlgreby

    in need of an artist

    Hello everyone ! This is the new thread of recruitment ! (i hope it's the right one this time !) So as the title says i am in need of an artist ! (The game is made in RPG Maker vx ACE) what i really need is portraits of the (Main) characters of the game ! The Storyline contains real spoilers...
  15. TalalAlgreby

    Need an artist !

    Hello everyone ! i'm planning on making a "Short" new game.. that won't take Long to make ! (i know i'm working on 2 projects now) But i really need an artist for the new game ! (i'm sorry if this was in the wrong forum..) EDIT: so i forgot about adding details , so i'll add them now I'm...
  16. TalalAlgreby

    Bloody Sprite request

    Hello everyone ! i'm sorry if i'm asking for too much custom sprites here >.< so this one might be a little hard.. i want a character being killed Here's the character that's going to DIE: And here's the KILLER: So he should kill her like this: (i'm sorry if the example doesn't make...
  17. TalalAlgreby

    Same actor multiple times?

    Hello everyone ! i need help with party members. in my game, you get to choose your army (characters)  to add them in your party the problem is i want the player to be able to have that same actor multiple times Like the player can have "Swords man" multiple times (like 2 swords man or 3...
  18. TalalAlgreby

    Doll Sprite Request

    Hello everyone ! it's me again, and i need a doll sprite (character) if someone can do it for me? i drew a little example of how the doll should do be: so is someone willing to do it? Thanks for taking the time to read this
  19. TalalAlgreby

    Custom Sprite Request

    Hello Everyone, so i'm working on a Tactical RPG, But there's a very important scene where Isabelle and celestia (Her sister) Join hands to do a miracle work, and it's going back in time but i'm missing the sprite.. Here's Isabelle And here's celestia: So when they join hands, they...
  20. TalalAlgreby

    Go To Sleep

    Go To Sleep   Story: There have been many murders in Angelica Town, the murderers kept killing kids to adults. Then one day they stopped, left a picture in the last murder, detectives figured out that the murderers are living in a mansion, located in the dark middle side of a forest, many...

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