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  1. Papillon Effect

    Voice acting in RPG maker games?

    Hello everyone, We were wondering if there were any examples of RPG maker games with voice acting? I'm guessing people would just set the sound file to play when the text shows up. Just thought I'd ask, it would be interesting to see how it's implemented or if it even adds anything to the...
  2. Papillon Effect

    How do you add sprites for diagonal movement?

    Hello, We are using the Yami 8 direction plugin and wanted to know how to add sprites for diagonal movement? I also found this video on the Victor Engine showing their diagonal movement and it has sprites for the respective angles. I'm guessing I just have to make the sprite sheet in a...
  3. Papillon Effect

    What plugins do I need to use bigger character sprites?

    Hello everyone, We are trying to use custom made characters in MV but we are using digital tablets to draw them. I see that the regular size requirement is 48x48. We can probably work with that if we use vector graphics scaled down. I'm wondering what would be the best possible route to do...

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Sometimes I wanna thanks to my past self for learning how to draw _:3

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