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  1. Teal Dragona

    This character in any different pixel style.

    Resource Type: (Characters) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (Any different pixel style. Somehow has to match some cool pixel tiles I haven't found yet..) Description: (I'd just like anybody to change this character 'Gales' to a different pixel style, only a character is needed. Again, it...
  2. Teal Dragona

    Looking for 2 music box themes

    Resource Type: (Music) I want the music to sound like it was playing on a music box. Description: For the first one, I'm looking for a music box theme, childhood friends with a dark past. Never apart, but turning evil. For the second one, I'd like a theme where sounds of love are put, forever...
  3. Teal Dragona

    8-bit Music Converter?

    Is this the right forum to put this? Is there some sort of converter that changes any MP3's to an 8-bit like sound? Some of my things for a project require an 8-bit type sound, but all I have are normal songs..
  4. Teal Dragona

    Cloaked Dragon Character (MV RTP)

    Resource Type: (Character, Battler, Faceset) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (MV RTP) Description: I'm looking for a reptilian character (He's a dragon) to be made for my current project. He's hooded with a cloak, the only thing that shows he's reptilian is his eyes and his tail. His face...
  5. Teal Dragona

    Looking for one specific animal, plus specific things added to it. (In MV RTP Style)

    Resource Type: Character, Battler, Face-set. Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: Here. Reference Images: It's easy enough. :rwink:
  6. Teal Dragona

    Who made these shadows?

    I don't know if this is the right forum... I was searching around the internet looking for things for my games, and I found these shadows and don't know who made them... The artist seems to be named WD, or maybe that's a shorter version of the name IDK. These would be perfect for my game, IF...
  7. Teal Dragona

    Need An RTP Style Battler For Front-view!

    :rock-left: B) :thumbsup-right:   Resource Type: Battler.   Maker Format: MV   Art Style: MV RTP   Description: I need a MV RTP style battler for my front-view game, that matches this character. Like one of the characters from the RTP. His weapon is a Dark...
  8. Teal Dragona

    Well hello world!

    Just want to give my introduction, the names Teal. I deal with a WIP project with the help of my friends already. I mostly deal with the small art problems they seem to have, (aka destroying and replacing the problem) quite a lot. But art seems to be what I can mostly do. Quite a boring...

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