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  1. Cr1t1cal

    Picking between arrays via options

    Hey so i No idea in how to make a option pick between two arrays and then my other option to use that array or how to even ask how to do it, Google keeps pointimg me to pick random element out of 2 arrays.  So say I have my array1 and array2  How would I get an option to if on use array1...
  2. Cr1t1cal

    Happy New Year All

    Happy new year everyone hope you all have a great start to the the new year.  Don't celebrate to hard though remember the next day unless you a tank and don't get hungover then by all means go wild and throw some shapes about  ;) Enjoy everyone 
  3. Cr1t1cal

    Quick question on helping

    I just want to know if someone asks how to edit a plugin to allow them to do what they want Is it allowed to advise them on how to do so as some people disallow plugins to be changed  Would I be better advising them in how to edit it do it for them or fully rewrite the plugin completely to...
  4. Cr1t1cal

    Well Then

    Hey all, thought it's about time I introduced my self I'm English drink coffee a lot, survived 24 winters and a lot of the time may not make sense to the average joy. I came to this forum in frustration looking for a multiple map layer plugins or help converting old ace vx script to mv if anyone...
  5. Cr1t1cal

    Multiple Map layers from note(Map on map)

    Hey I was wondering if someone could convert an vx ace script to a mv plugin? The script I would like converting is Multiple Map layers by vlue; The reason I would like this script converting is that it's not like the other layer plugins for mv. It's main function is to overlay one...

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