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  1. uglywolf

    RMMV Equipment with Sub-Slots

    Unsure if this has been asked before or, I just bad at search engines/thread... First, I am going to mention that I ain't needing this ASAP. Back to the topic, surely we've encountered some games that has equipment with slots for powerups/enchantments. So I was thinking that... Well yes, it...
  2. uglywolf

    [Request] Making an event/NPC "That follow players instead of enclosing the PC"

    I was thinking on making an event that will "Stalk or Follow" a player up to a certain range. And when player moves, it also followed but not approach until it gets too close to the player. Also if possible, trying to get away by distancing itself to a certain range from player when they're too...
  3. uglywolf

    [Magically Solved] For some reason, "[Action Button] Event" won't trigger

    Hi, what is going on today? I am having trouble... I uploaded the attachment, please check it. (the blue flame is the player starting position) As everyone knows, Action Button(by default Z key) is one of the options that can trigger interaction with any map event available. But for some...
  4. uglywolf

    Help: Showing key item even if they're (0)

    Anybody can inform me if it's possible to show an item in inventory even if they're x0 instead of needing at least x1? Here is a thing: The item I'd like to make is actually a specific container indicating the amount of things it had inside. Let's say, the item was called "Bug's Case". By...
  5. uglywolf

    Strange flicking with possibility to crash

    Hi everyone. I don't remember when or which version update it started to happen. Lately, whenever I move the cursor away from the popup help description... -would cause the MV UI to flick when the popup disappears. Not only that, it also had a chance to crash the engine before I could save...
  6. uglywolf

    [Suggestions Request] MIDI music maker with MP3 export feature

    First, I am sorry to ask this out of the blue and also sorry if I suddenly break any rules without I noticed on this topic. As the title was, I wanted to ask if you know any MIDI making softwere that could be used to make MP3 for BGM and such. I won't ask for the advanced one, but I don't...
  7. uglywolf

    The ugliest and idiotic wolf cub says hello

    Hi everyone! As dissapointing as it is. Yes, It's just me... Honestly I don't know what type here, but yeah... As I've read about "Can't see your posts" or something, I thought at least I should post introduction here. Anyway, the name is ug-SLAPPED And currently the only RPG...

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