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  1. Moghunter Music Room

    I'm currently working with VX Ace and I just got Moghunter's music room script, but I'm having trouble getting it to work how I want. I can actually get it to do its thing when creating an event and setting it as parallel, but what I'm wanting is to directly call it in the main menu, which I saw...
  2. VX in Ace?

    This might be a dumb question, but if I wanted to use VX materials in VX-Ace for commercial, would I also need to own a copy of VX alongside Ace?
  3. Pretty Sleek Gauges

    I've been using this plugin and I recently hit a snag in the form of FallenOlivia's Weakness Display plugin: all the state icons and the weakness icon are situated in places away from the PSG. I've tried adjusting the positions, but the closest I get is having the weakness icon below the gauge...
  4. Return item?

    So, a few hours ago, I bought a tileset from the main site and while going through the 'readme' text, I read that it was for another engine 'VX/Ace'. I bought it thinking that it was for MV since I (believed) was browsing through MV tilesets. I read the return policy and it seems like I can't...
  5. Achievement issue

    Ah, okay. I thought it was a script or something. No, I don't have them set to automatic and the plugin commands are correct as they do show up on the achievements page. As for the plugins, yeah that is true, I can get a little too over-ambitious, though I do plan to use most, if not all, of them.
  6. Achievement issue

    Hm, I'm not sure what 'auto track' and 'manual track' means since I'm still relatively inexperienced with MV. I haven't seen any errors when testing the game.
  7. Achievement issue

    Okay, I think I've partially figured out the issue (if you can even call it that). After putting the plugins in order and doing a test to see if the issue was resolved (it wasn't), I searched around for a bit and I realize that, apparently, a common event can't be run inside of the menu (I...
  8. Achievement issue

    Forgive my ignorance, but I wasn't sure if you meant that you wanted to see all of my plugins that I use or the Achievements plugin specifically, so I went ahead and added images for both.
  9. Achievement issue

    Firstly, these are the plugins I'm having some issues with: Yanfly Main Menu Manager and CGMV Achievements. This is probably something easily fixable, but I can't seem to figure it out. I have CGMV Achievements plugin, and while I have managed to get it to show up in my menu screen (disabled...
  10. MV Event After Enemy Death

    Okay, got it. Thanks @caethyril and @Andar.
  11. MV Event After Enemy Death

    This might be obvious, but I haven't figured it out myself just yet so I thought I'd ask. So, I'd like to have my characters have a conversation after an enemy dies but before the victory screen. I know you can do immortal states for stuff when an enemy's HP hits zero, but I'm not sure if that's...
  12. MV Sprite Victory Pose

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks.
  13. MV Sprite Victory Pose

    Okay, I'll try and make this as concise as possible: I've already made some characters, but I'd like to know how to customize the victory pose of just one of them. I understand that I would have to cut the default pose and replace it with the new one, but how do I retain/add that character's...

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