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  1. carnorantor

    How to make a unique status menu

    Hello! While watching a Echo607 video I instantly fell in love with the status menus she used shown in the picture. If anyone knows how to make a status menu like this please reply or reach out to me on how! Thank you!
  2. carnorantor

    Ways to add difficulty setting to RPGMAKER MV

    Any ways to add difficulty setting? (ex. Choosing Easy, Medium or Hard)
  3. carnorantor

    Title Screen Options

    In the title screen, I would like to add some fun extra options to the mix. How might I do so? (I don't have much experience, so I may need a walk through)
  4. carnorantor

    Gambling System

    Hello again! I was planning on adding a system to a room in my dungeon. There is no door to exit once you enter, but there are 3 slot machines. The slot machines once clicked on give you 4 randomly generated answers, and chooses one answer correct, while mixing up which choice is the right one...
  5. carnorantor

    Invisible Hitboxes

    Hello! I don't really know how to make an object(s) non-collidable. Any ways to do this?
  6. carnorantor

    How to set up a portal after boss death?

    Hey Gamers, I was interested in setting up a portal after a bosses death. After boss dies, he says how he will be back yada yada and vanishes (got that part done) but I was also interested if a portal appeared after those events that takes you to the next zone. Is that possible, and if so, how...

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