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  1. RedReaper

    RMMV RED REAPER | a dark fantasy RPG set in the land of the dead

    (A dark fantasy RPG set between this life and the next.) BACKGROUND ON THE GAME THE STORY THE CHARACTERS GAMEPLAY TRAILER/SCREENSHOTS Q & A Is it really based on that book you wrote? Why does the game look so... generic? [/SIZE] I found a bug/typo! [/SPOILER] DOWNLOAD LINK...

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Benku wrote on Magnus0808's profile.
Hey man you helped me out a long time ago with a plugin i was wondering if you can help me out one more time since its literally the last thing i need help with if not is cool but id figured id ask you one more soild.
Stream will be live shortly with a guest stream! Tonight, a new guest joins~ Feel free to drop by!
Finally told my boss I need a day off. Tomorrow will be my first in 23 days.
Kind of a goofy question but has the pandemic inspired you in any way?

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