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  1. [Guide] Kill "x" amount of monsters quest w/ progress updates

    I know this probably isn't anything too impressive and I probably did this in a very messy and unprofessional way but considering I've been using the program for 12 hours, I'm impressed I figure out how to finally get it to work after hours of googling and searching forums. Any criticism or...

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Benku wrote on Magnus0808's profile.
Hey man you helped me out a long time ago with a plugin i was wondering if you can help me out one more time since its literally the last thing i need help with if not is cool but id figured id ask you one more soild.
Stream will be live shortly with a guest stream! Tonight, a new guest joins~ Feel free to drop by!
Finally told my boss I need a day off. Tomorrow will be my first in 23 days.
Kind of a goofy question but has the pandemic inspired you in any way?

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