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  1. thehackeryacker

    Import Blender Rendered Images? (outlined image after selecting alpha channel)

    I am trying to get help specific to my problem. I use Blender to model and create graphics. My problem is , when I edit my pictures and import them, then select the alpha layer, their is still a rigid outline of the BG color around the image. Lets say I create a character and export the image...
  2. thehackeryacker

    Simple Swap Battle Actor 0.2c

    I am sorry, I started a new project with all the default database settings, added the summon skill. Guess it would make sense the actor got no exp. since the bat enemy was set to 0 exp. Thank you again, I had a set up like this with common events, in which the caster would return if the summon...
  3. thehackeryacker

    Simple Swap Battle Actor 0.2c

    How do I go about making the caster receive the exp.?
  4. thehackeryacker

    Event triggered by having an item?

    @SpookyHollows I tried this on RMMV, I am sorry i just noticed and had to edit, you are using ACE. I am fairly sure the results will be the same, these are simple eventss. common events, and conditional branches.. You will need your characters graphics, starting and what you want it to...
  5. thehackeryacker

    Turn Towards This Event

    Maybe a little more explanation, I don't know the jscrip, but you should be able to do this with events. Edit:: Make an event in paralell mode to constantly check then > you can set a variable to players direction by  Variable:xxxx:Player Direction (pick a variable , name it ) set it to...
  6. thehackeryacker

    Change Actor Collapse SE with an event

    I assume you know that there are sound settings in the system tab. but this will only make it play that sound everytime an actor dies. If you are wanting to change it on a battle to battle basis, you would have to event it before and after as you said, if you are correct (i am not using ATB) and...
  7. thehackeryacker

    Show Picture During a Skill

    have you tried making an animation file with that image? This would be the most simple way, I believe the fire all 3 has a "summon" type picture appear before the flames explode.
  8. thehackeryacker

    Is it possible to display text on the map screen at all times?

    I imagine with the yanflys eventminilabel plugin, you could make an event in the bottom left on the first map the player appears on, set to paralell, and have it follow the players X, Y movements. But you would have to add it to every map. You can use the \N[n] to display the name of the...
  9. thehackeryacker

    Change Actor Collapse SE with an event

    are you wanting to do this everytime the player dies? You could make a battle event when the actors hp is 0 to play a SE. you would have to put it in every troop that you wanted it to happen though
  10. thehackeryacker

    can't equip weapon

    @monissa Everything appears to be in order, class has flail equip, weapon set to flail, event adds constant +1, and actor set to class. Have you tried making another event (try quick event, chest , add broken mannacles.) and see if that works? Or try saving, closing RMMV, and re-opening it...
  11. thehackeryacker

    Young Sprite Fishing with fishing line. Animated!

    Nice, are you using it with a fishing side-game implemented??
  12. thehackeryacker

    Alice in the wonderland

    Yes I did, as I am using RMMV now myself. If that was something you wanted, it could easily be edited with GIMP (I would've offered to edit it) Glad you found what you were looking for. @Makio-Kuta   Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. thehackeryacker

    Alice in the wonderland

    I know of a sprite on devian-art, as far as copyright with this character, being a book, a Disney movie, and Tim burton, I'm not sure of the usage rights.
  14. thehackeryacker

    Constructo's NEW weapons (Katar, Shuriken, Kunai)

    Thank you, I needed shurikens for my ninja! :-D
  15. thehackeryacker

    New here. I have some questions.

    (after browsing through extensive list of wonderful YEP plugins... (Yanfly Engine, incase I assumed you knew, he has 62 so far that I know of...) You need Skill core and Limited  Skill uses. I suggest checking out all YEP plugins but here is a view of what I have and then a link to Yanfly...
  16. thehackeryacker

    New here. I have some questions.

    In using gimp, since you are wanting to edit tilesets, open an already existing tileset in one instance and the image you are importing from in another (you will have two windows open, I am showing the first, and how to set up your grid, and snapping to make it easier..., also how to remove...
  17. thehackeryacker

    New here. I have some questions.

    The updated 1.4a has skill inspect, more lines for description, and a better graphical layout.
  18. thehackeryacker

    End of Battle events/ Himeworks Plugin

    I have made a skill that summons a dragon in the actors place. It calls a common event to replace the actor with the dragon. I have in battle event "turn end - span "turn"" to call common event that checks for state "knockout" on the dragon, to remove dragon and add the original actor...
  19. thehackeryacker

    New here. I have some questions.

    I believe the plugin is simply named "enemy book 1.4" browse the RMMV plugins.. or search...
  20. thehackeryacker

    End of Battle Events?

    What if you need the character switched back so they can recieve the EXP instead of the replacement? I have a common event to "summon" a replacement for the actor, but want the summon character to return and the original back before the victory aftermath...also if the summon characters HP reaches 0.

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