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  1. KailiaSweetleaf


    So my game does have wells and outhouses in the towns. I plan to make wells be an alternative source of recovering HP and MP if the player doesn't want to stay at the inn and just wants to hurry along. But for the life of me, I'm having a hard time figuring out what outhouses would do. Right...
  2. KailiaSweetleaf

    MV - FSM Snowified

    I been searching high and low and sadly I just can't seem to find any conversions of town of beginnings for snow covered looks. And my game does have snow regions. Not looking for the entire set to be made with snow, but just certain tiles I can substitute into the RTP snow terrain alongside one...
  3. KailiaSweetleaf

    [MV] Moghunter's Clock

    Okay so I have everything for my game I need except the clock that came with the Time System Hud ( doesn't match up with the menu graphic I am using for my game. I would like to get that time hud modified to more fit the system graphic I am...

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