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  1. [Script] How to load a plugin before anything else?

    Hi, I'm looking to create a plugin to mimic a login page, that login page should happen before anything else is loaded (you click on game.exe and it will launch the game straight to the login page, nothing else before, only if you enter validate plugin it will go to the main menu). Thanks!
  2. Changing Choice Window Y-Axis Position

    Hi @caethyril I have a similar issue, but I'm using a script call to change the X and Y position of my message box. I have tried your plugin, it doesn't work for me sadly. I also tried changing choice list position directly in rpg_scenes or rpg_window, but the only thing I succeed is moving on...
  3. How to draw text box icons on menu bitmap?

    Hi, Right now when I click escape and it opens the menu, it creates a bitmap of the screen as background for menu BUT it doesn't save the icons that were shown in the text box on the bitmap. That's my problem.. It looks like this: Any solution for this?? Thanks..

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