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  1. DerVVulfman

    Enemy Challenge for Experience

    Enemy Challenge for Experience Version: 1.0 Introduction Tired of letting gamers grind away hours fighting weaker monsters so they can level themselves up? Do you want to make sure they may only increase their character's levels by fighting monsters tough enough to give them a real threat...
  2. DerVVulfman

    "Event Systems"... Add that to the Tutorials board

    It came to my attention that those who wish to post Event Systems may be confused. They see 'Tutorials' as nothing more than a place to learn tricks of the trade, and not an area where one may find an event system to create a banking system or a simple caterpillar feature as of old RPGMaker...
  3. DerVVulfman

    Leveled Enemy Lists

    Leveled Enemy Lists Version: 1.0 Introduction Have you even thought... my random enemies don't seem to match my heroes when they engage them? Have you ever thought that maybe you could swap out the enemies in your Troops with other enemies if the average party member's level is high enough...
  4. DerVVulfman

    Centi-Second Wait Count

    Centi-Second Wait Count Version: 1.2 Definition Centi-Second: Noun. (plural centiseconds) 1) A unit of time equal to 0.01 seconds and with symbol cs. 2) Time of 91 926 317.7 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the 2 hyperfine levels of the ground state of the...
  5. DerVVulfman

    Commercial System Package

    COMMERCIAL SYSTEM PACKAGE Version: 1.2 Introduction For over a decade, the number of Independent Game Developers has increased. And while there are many packages at the disposal for one to create their wares, producers and distributors of Indie Games have chosen to put requirements upon...
  6. DerVVulfman

    VVulfSplash: The Splash Screen Script

    VVulfSplash The Splash Screen Script version 1.0 INTRODUCTION There have been many splash scripts out there, but many force the game developer to use a fixed number of screens. And those that don't, those few rarely allow the setting for how long a splash screen may last of if any music or...
  7. DerVVulfman

    OS Detection via Ruby

    OS Detection via Ruby Version 1.2 Description While most RPGMaker games are designed for users of the Windows Platform, not everyone who plays games are Windows users. So what of those custom scripts that use the Win32DLL? They won't work on their PCs! This scriptette will determine what...
  8. DerVVulfman

    ACBS FIX SCRIPT #2: Advanced Cry Correction

    ACBS FIX SCRIPT #2 Advanced Cry Correction Version: 1.0 Introduction This fixes a major flaw with the ACBS (Atoa's CBS) v 3.2 by Victor Sant. The bug was caused by an oversight where the action ID (skill ID, Item ID, etc) was not correctly synced in a method that played audio effects. If a...
  9. DerVVulfman

    ACBS FIX SCRIPT #1: Victory Cries Patch

    ACBS FIX SCRIPT #1 Victory Cries Patch Version: 1.0 Introduction This fixes a major flaw with the ACBS (Atoa's CBS) v 3.2 by Victor Sant. The bug was caused by an oversight which would crash the system if one wished to have audible cues from actors when they win a battle (or enemies taunting...
  10. DerVVulfman

    Lani's Locks and Keys

    Version: 1.2 Introduction Lani's Locks and Keyrings allows you to create a locking system for doors, chests, and other items that require keys. It does this by creating scripted values rather than having to create actual door-key items in the Item database. Lani's Combo Locks allows you to...
  11. DerVVulfman

    Keeping the Game.Exe 'In Focus' (yeah, gonna get a lot of Nopes here)

    But the thread does say it all. And not only would this be something I would like see come to fruition, but many others. This would certainly be enjoyed by those who like to synchronize music in their games. I expect that this would be by way of the Win32DLL. I once wrote a piece of...
  12. DerVVulfman

    RPGMaker XP Protexis Proof of Purchase

    Some time ago, Shaz replied to a member who had purchased RPGMaker XP through Protexis. Her statement was thus: I have a friend who has been a community member for ... oh, let's say he bought RPGMaker XP back in 2006. Me? I can't remember... probably 2004. Oh, I have eMails to and from...
  13. DerVVulfman

    Lily's Librams

    Lily's Librams Version 1.0 Introduction This system allows you to have actual books, scrolls or the like within your game. These will have text and/or graphics within which the player may read. And the actual book content (except for graphics) is saved as rxdata files which may be...
  14. DerVVulfman

    AnimBat! - Animated Battlers - Comprehensive

    Animated Battlers - Comprehensive Version 1.2 Title graphics by Lunarberry Introduction This script adapts front-view battle systems (like the default battle system, or the RTAB system), and turns it into a side-view battle system. Battlers can bob and weave...
  15. DerVVulfman

    Queen's Quest

    Version: 2.0 Introduction In the spirit of such systems such as coolmariners98's Ultimate Quest, the Quest Log by Jaberwocky, and Kyonides's Kuests, comes another system for those to enjoy. This system is a quest log, allowing you to turn on, track, close and even erase quests from your...
  16. DerVVulfman

    Brenda's Visual Battlers

    Brenda's Visual Battlers Version: 2.0 Introduction This system is designed to allow you, the programmer, to have battlers be able to change their appearance based on the weapons or gear being worn. It is based on Me(tm)'s Visual Equipment system which in turn was based on the systems by...
  17. DerVVulfman


    MultiSlots! Version: 3.5 Introduction This system allows you to increase the number of armor slots for your characters and grants select characters the ability to use two weapons at the same time. Features Dual Wielding - Wanna use two daggers at the same time? Two Handed...
  18. DerVVulfman

    [XP/VX/Ace] LILY'S MEGA DATA! (Go beyond the 999 database limit)

    LILY'S MEGA DATA! Version: 1.0 Introduction Are you bummed by the 999 database limit for skills, items, actors and the like? If so, then you may want to make a mega-data database. This script alters the load_data kernel to recognize key databases used by the RPGMaker engines which use Ruby...
  19. DerVVulfman

    First Person Engine (without external DLL)

    Greetings.  It's not often that you may see me actively making a request, but I am on the look for a first person system.  However, I am looking for one that does not rely on external DLL files.  So the FPLE (First Person Labyrinth Engine) by MGC and the Irrlicht systems are not suitable. One...
  20. DerVVulfman

    The Lycan ABS

    Version: 12.1 Introduction Rather large, it is my intent to replace the MrMo ABS and add my own add-ons along with additional enhancements all built in. Features One kickin' ABS with explosive missiles, be it from a firearm, a spell or a thrown item (Optional) Companions that follow...

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