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  1. Goatrider

    Celianna's nature parallax tiles

    I am looking to pimp up my water effects in my game and noticed some parallax tiles by Celianna that are not on her resource page that I really want to use. I've searched all over the web but cannot find it anywhere. The tiles consist of water and water edge tiles along with some hills and such...
  2. Goatrider

    Gears of Obscura

    There is little known about the realm of Obscura. Most believe it does not even exist. Others believe it is the gateway to immortality. This mysterious world can only be reached through portals known as Obscura Gates. However, these gates will only open to those with Obscura Mechanisms. Dan...
  3. Goatrider

    The Legend of Jak- New Demo and Screenies

    The Legend of Jak is a tale about pirates. Take control of Jak, a young man who's dreams of becoming a pirate are about to come true as he is thrown head first into an epic adventure. Explore the land, crawling through dark caves and dense jungles. Or take to the sea and explore distant lands...

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