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  1. Yanfly Plugins Help

    I just subscribed to his ******* and downloaded every plugin , but when ever i try to place plug everything is blank, is it problem with download or the extraction process i dont know Edit: i extracted it with 7zip, had to download rar than put in password, for it to work
  2. How to Convert tile set from ace to mv

    i want to convert a port tile set from ace to mv to use for my port how do i do that
  3. Background sound Problems

    When ever the player goes to the world map the background sounds from the town map will start playing , and there is also a short delay before world map song starts to play.Its annoying and i need fix it.The sheep baa background sound keeps playing over and over. I don't know how to make a short...
  4. Pls,help problem with tile sets

    Hey,i downloaded some tile sets to use in my game but whenever try to use them it ends up messed up i tried to change size but still it does not work , pic below , help we be very much appreciated,ty

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