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  1. mugen808

    Yanfly X Selection Control randomly blocked on allies

    Hi, I’m having quite a nasty issue with YEP_X_SelectionControl : After looking a lot for a similar issue online, I am posting to ask the question: am I really the only one to who it happens ?? The problem: Most of the times the plugin...
  2. mugen808

    SOLVED - Integrate a variable in weapon Note to be used in skill damage formula

    Hello, I would like to have weapons in RMMV that modify the damage formula of skills. Like ultimate weapons in FF VII, Cloud’s sword damage formula is different depending on his current hp condition. I am not sure if what I need is just a proper syntax to type in my formula or really a...
  3. mugen808

    [ACE] Schala Battle system : Disable dash

    hello would anyone happen to know how to disactivate dashing with Schala system ? fyi marking the unable dashing in map's property doesnt work anymore once Schala battle system is installed. here is the demo here is the english...

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