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  1. thehackeryacker

    Import Blender Rendered Images? (outlined image after selecting alpha channel)

    I am trying to get help specific to my problem. I use Blender to model and create graphics. My problem is , when I edit my pictures and import them, then select the alpha layer, their is still a rigid outline of the BG color around the image. Lets say I create a character and export the image...
  2. thehackeryacker

    End of Battle events/ Himeworks Plugin

    I have made a skill that summons a dragon in the actors place. It calls a common event to replace the actor with the dragon. I have in battle event "turn end - span "turn"" to call common event that checks for state "knockout" on the dragon, to remove dragon and add the original actor...
  3. thehackeryacker


    I started using RPGmaker2000 back when it was first released. I even went as far as eventing a side view battle system, however I am having to re=learn most aspects and new ones in MV. I have been playing around with VX ace, but moved to MV with the new sideview battle system already in...
  4. thehackeryacker

    Character substitution / temporary summon in battle

    Rpg Maker Mv Version 1.0.0 I want to be able to have a character cast a skill that will summon a dragon in his place. After battle , the user should return. Also, the hero should return when the dragons HP is 0, or when the Dragon has expended a certain amount of turns, or a custom skill...

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