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  1. xdan

    Favorite plots or settings in an RPG?

    What are the RPG(s) that you consider masterpieces in narrative/world building? I'll start: -Xenogears (Plot) -Xenoblade (Plot and Setting) -Mass Effect Trilogy (Plot and Setting) -Dark Souls (Setting) -Bloodborne (Setting) -Undertale (Plot) -The Witcher Trilogy (Plot and Setting) -The Last...
  2. xdan


    Hello everyone. I've been searching for encyclopedia scripts, but I couldn't find anything useful to me. All the encyclopedia scripts take their content from the database and barely have space for a tiny description, if at all. I'm looking for one that lets me display large blocks of text in a...
  3. xdan

    RMVXA Magicless - RPG without HP mechanics (GMTK GJ 2018)

    Magicless Which is an ironic name considering magic is the one mechanic that remains. SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT This is a small prototype I made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam in 2018, which was centered around removing core mechanics...
  4. xdan

    The Need for Experience and Levels

    I'd like to discuss whether a leveling up mechanic is necessary at all. First of all: what purpose(s) does this mechanic serve? -Provide a slow sense of progression and empowerment to the player. -Make every victory feel a tiny bit relevant. -Slowly unlock the different mechanics in the game...
  5. xdan

    Show Party Commands Menu every turn

    You may have noticed that if, at any point in battle, no member of your party is able to move, the Party Command Menu won't even show up at the start of the turn. Could you please change that? I'd like the player to always be able to try to run or do some other Party stuff. Thanks in advance!
  6. xdan

    Yami's Order Gauge

    I'm looking for this script: It's not in the Github, which I find weird, and the dropboxes of course aren't suddenly back. If somebody happens to have it, I would like to use it. Or a similar one of...
  7. xdan

    Error in Ace Battle Engine

    I couldn't find the official Ace Battle Engine thread so I guess I'm posting this here. I get this error message when I use the script: This happens whenever I close a menu window in battle, such as the equip window, the save window or the items window. It also happens with script windows...
  8. xdan

    Making two scripts compatible The first script changes which states are shown in battle every few seconds, so that the player can see all the states that are applied to his...
  9. xdan

    About the "Ideas and Prototypes" section

    In the "rules" thread I found something problematic. You see, what bugs me is tha you are required to have 2 of the above. Yet many games, including the one I'm making, are only about the first section: purely mechanic. There are no characters and the plot can be sumarised in 80 words...
  10. xdan

    [Video] Rewarding rather than punishing

    So Mark Brown just uploaded this video called "How Game Designers Protect Players From Themselves" and I'd really want to know you thougths on it. In short, he speaks about encouraging players to play a certain way by rewarding them for playing the correct way rather than punishing them for...
  11. xdan

    Recommend me hard turn based RPG that don't rely on grinding or RNG

    There are two things I hate on a RPG: -Grinding. -Depending on luck. Most hard turn based RPG are considered hard because they involve a lot of either. Nothing wrong if you personally like that, but I'm looking for something different. I want games that rely heavily on strategy, that reward...
  12. xdan

    Button to end battle

    This is a very simple script. To explain, that is. When the player pushes a certain button (let's say R), the turn ends immediately and the party attempts to flee from the battle.
  13. xdan

    Undertale save system - Let's get serious

    Let's get serious here. Do you think something similar to Undertale save system can be done in RPGM VX Ace? Many don't know what I'm talking about so I'll explain (avoiding spoilers). This is a strange save system that autosaves certain data while other data must be manually saved by the...
  14. xdan

    Reedo's Simple Quest System

    I need this script: As simple as that. Why not getting it myself from the page? Well, I just can't. Not sure if it's a problem with my computer, my browser, the forum... In the terms of use it doesn't say you can't post it somewhere else, so I guess you could just paste it here if you...
  15. xdan

    Trick Room

    Trick Room By xdan I'm a noob scripter (not even the latter), I made this by request with my poor scripting skills. It worked to the requester so you might find it interesting. Description: It adds a "Trick Room" state. For those who haven't played pokemon: if any enemy has the...
  16. xdan

    [Solved] Enemies use healing spells only if there's something to heal

    I'm surprised this hasn't been asked before. But I can't find it in the Master List. See this?   "Experimento uses Revive." It's great to have someone reviving you. The problem is there is no dead enemy to revive. This enemy is basicly wasting a turn and losing mana for no reason. This...

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