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  1. Running without a flash drive?

    Hi, so I recently made a game on my older computer with VX Ace, and I compressed the file (with RTP) and put it on a flash drive. I moved the project to my newer computer since it has better performance and the game's complete. However, everything downloads/converts fine, but as soon as I remove...
  2. Save mechanic

    So, what I'm trying to accomplish is a save system in the game. After a major scene occurs, the player gets an option of "Save", "Quit", and "Continue". Continue does nothing, of course. Save saves the game, and the player has the option of returning to the main menu. My issue is that once the...
  3. Conditional Branch being bypassed

    Forgive me if this doesn't make sense, I'm relatively new here and have a complex issue. Currently I'm trying to make a timed event where after the timer goes off, an autorun section begins and the event tells the player how they did in the time given. However, I also want the player to be able...
  4. Boat Tileset Issues

    Hey there! Recently, I've been trying to develop a game with RPG Maker VX Ace. I wanted to use the boat as a gameplay mechanic -- this way the player is able to sail around an island in-game. The problem is that I want to edit the tileset so it looks like the player is in the boat when the...

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