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  1. DeveloDude

    [SOLVED]Restoring some % of HP\MP

    Wow! It's really works! Thanx!) I tried something like that But that doesn't work at all. Thank all of you guys for answers!
  2. DeveloDude

    Adding bonus damage to an attack if the target is poisoned.

    If I want to make smth like that I'll just add Option to Skill (Change Def\MDef to *n* point) or (add Weakness to phys.\mag. atk)
  3. DeveloDude

    [SOLVED]Restoring some % of HP\MP

    Hi there. I have a little problem. Will be pleasured if you help me. I have an event on map, which must restore 25% Actor's Max HP\MP, but in Event Options I found only "Restore All". If I try to "Change HP" it's changing max hp points of actor. I have a Hp potion which restore 25% of Max...

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