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  1. Ghost Kid/Creepy nun sprites?

    They look really cool! I specially like the transparent ones, those eyes really creep me out. Thanks a lot!
  2. Ghost Kid/Creepy nun sprites?

    The nuns are supposed to be ghosts too, but more intimidating than the kids. If you wanna get creative you could add some body horror elements, since the story includes themes such as penitence or self-flagellation (I'm trying to make it twisted without being edgy).
  3. Ghost Kid/Creepy nun sprites?

    Those uniforms look great, the main character is an adult, so a kid template works fine.
  4. Ghost Kid/Creepy nun sprites?

    I was looking for a more subtle and darker tone. I tried to make some nuns by editing existing sprites, darkening the shapes and colouring the faces in black and the eyes in red. I'm not a skilled graphic designer, so that's as far as I can go. One important thing is that they have to be taller...
  5. Ghost Kid/Creepy nun sprites?

    They look great,thanks! Not exactly what I was looking for, but some of those may actually fit in my game. I've decided to make the ghost kids myself by editing sprites, but thanks anyway!
  6. Ghost Kid/Creepy nun sprites?

    I'm using MV with the default style (just editing the characters to make them taller). I was thinking about ghostly-looking nuns with red eyes, white faces, blood-splattered habits... something like that. The nuns in the default are ok but I like the ones made by slimmmeiske2, I think the...
  7. Ghost Kid/Creepy nun sprites?

    Hi everyone, I'm making a horror game set in an abandoned catholic orphanage and I need some sprites for the enemies. I'm mostly looking for ghost kids and creepy nuns, or something like that. Does anybody know where can I find that kind of resource? My game doesn't involve actual combat (it's...
  8. How to make a puzzle involving multiple item selection?

    It worked! Thanks a lot for your clear explanation, you made it seem so easy! :) I also think I understand what you're saying about the conditional branches. Basically, whenever the player is requiered to choose multiple items, I need to create one variable per item and check if they chose the...
  9. How to make a puzzle involving multiple item selection?

    My RM is in spanish, so I'll transcribe it in english. Books A, B and C are meant to be the correct ones. I hope somewhat clear. Truth is I still don't have a full grasp on how conditional branches and variables work (I've been looking to some tutorials on Youtube, but most are pretty basic)...
  10. How to make a puzzle involving multiple item selection?

    Yes, the player can only obtein each book once. Anyway, I'm probably doing something wrong, because it's not working. But thank you for taking the time to reply :)
  11. How to make a puzzle involving multiple item selection?

    Hi everyone, I have an idea for a puzzle but I don't know if it's possible to do it with RPG Maker MV. The idea is that the player can collect 7 different books and then place 3 of them in a bookcase. If the player picks the 3 correct books (no specific order), the bookcase will reveal a secret...

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